Dante Security System Siren

Hey folks, I’ve got a reader that would like to push a product that he’s offering so I agreed to do a post for him here.
It’s an upgrade noise maker for an existing alarm and it sounds pretty interesting. I’ll let him explain it to you as he’s more familiar with his product than I am. But please take note of the checkout coupon in the ad, yeah? I thought is was pretty damned decent of him to do that for us.


Dante is a drop-in replacement for a security system siren. It uses a spread-spectrum algorithm to trick the brain and the ear into thinking it is louder than it really is (which is already pretty loud at 124 dB), typically causing a disorienting flight response in the intruder. Dante would be best used in a living room or a hallway to provide a protective bubble around the occupants of the building, allowing them to form a more effective response.

Hearing protection could be used by the bad guys, but that would keep them from having situational awareness during their approach and egress, as well as indicating a preconceived hostile intent.

The industrial equivalent of this device costs between $800 and $1200, depending on the model, and requires special wiring, batteries and maintenance. Dante uses normal security system wiring, and requires no batteries or maintenance, and is only $199.

There are some warnings in the user’s guide that need to be followed to make sure that pets, children, elderly or disabled people aren’t trapped in the same room with it. It also shouldn’t be used in situations where a startle response might result in accidents. For example, Dante could be placed over the customer area at the register in a convenience store, but not in the kitchen, near coffee pots or gas pumps.

Dante can also be activated with a simple switch directly to a 12v battery, such as in a UPS, motorcycle or car battery, for those handy with that kind of thing if one desired a temporary barrier for certain situations.

We also have a victim assistance program where we give crime victims a 50% discount (the coupon would not apply). Information about that program is at softbaugh.biz/vap.

And there it is: You can find the clickable picture in my sidebar which will take you directly to his site.

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3 Responses to Dante Security System Siren

  1. With it being 12v, I might look into this for being my new car horn. Get those assholes outta my way quick.

  2. pigpen51 says:

    Sounds like a great product. Sorry for the pun but it was not intended. Also, really great price for what I think it is.

  3. Charlie Mitchell says:

    One thing people might check is whether they can hear their alarm if they’re in the shower.
    The alarm at my old house was plenty loud, but I COULD NOT HEAR IT AT ALL when I was taking a shower.
    Neither could my wife, and she has that sharp hearing that all wives have.

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