And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Or European Invasion Day or whatever you want to call it.
It’s a day of giving thanks to our God. What it signifies is becoming more and more diluted over time, but it’s still a day spent with family and friends and if that’s not worth giving thanks over, I don’t know what is.
May God bless each and every one of you. And I pray that one day God will restore this Nation to it’s former glory.

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25 Responses to And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  1. Steve in Ky says:

    Bless you and yours as well Kenny.

  2. The feast in celebration of the exploitation of the Native Americans by White European Religious Land Grabbing Zealots. (Sarcasm)

  3. Thanks, and the best to you, Ms. Lisa, and all those you hold close. Dogs, too. ;-)

  4. Barton says:

    right back at you! and thank you for hours of enjoyment your blog is awesome

  5. CarpenterBill says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Ken, thanks for your efforts. I truly enjoy the daily laughs. God bless you all!

  6. Mike says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. tfA-t says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how low some can go. We’re all pulling for you. Feast and drink today.

  8. Comrade X says:


  9. Angel says:

    Very happy Thanksgiving hugs to you, Miss Lisa and the doggies.
    Don’t worry about anything, we’ve got your 6.

  10. Bagley says:

    And Happy Thanksgiving to you, Kenny, and also Ms Lisa!

  11. Wilson says:

    Have a great Holiday!

  12. NewVegasBadger says:

    Before God can bless us, we, both as individuals and as nation need to repent of our sins. I am pulling for you as well. This day for me is more than just a day to over eat. I do give thanks for all that I have been given. Since I am here, I am grateful for this blog, for all the eye candy and all the posts that have made me think.

  13. cato says:

    Amen !

  14. James says:

    Happy Bird Day all,hope you have fun/good times with family/friends or whatever your plans are.As for saving the country as one of Nordic stock will not wait for the gods to do it,god/gods/whatever you believe have given us the means to control our destiny to a good degree in this life,well,excluding those pesky norns in my case.

  15. Inbredredneck says:

    And the best to you and Miss Lisa. This is just one more day for which to be thankful, and even the crappy ones are good for reminding us to appreciate the good days.

    Rob J

  16. Xlr8trDave says:

    I had no Turkey Dinner, it got postponed by the birth of my first Grandchild. A very Happy Thanksgiving for me, and I hope y’all as well.

    • James says:

      Well,Dave,you had a great Thanksgiving,no worries,plenty of turkeys on sale this weekend,you can stikl get a good meal!

    • Miss Lisa says:

      Congratulations on the birth of your first grandchild. That is indeed a blessing!

  17. Happy turkey day to everyone here. I’m thankful for great blogs like this.

  18. AMEN! And a Very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
    This is number 11 (years away from home during the holidays) and it SUCKS Turkey Tools!

  19. jay352 says:

    In response to the below Not to pick a scab, just in response. Do try to have a good weekend and fuck the B.S.

  20. I may be a Manchester lad but my family are from Cork. Good luck with your ‘Fuck off you monarchy wanking bastards’ day.

    Go on home British soldiers go on home…

    Have a damn good day. I will eat much bacon for you.

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