Hunting tales and a life’s lesson

I’ve been a hunter since I was a child, and no matter how good I’ve gotten at it over the years (if you don’t show progress, you aren’t really trying, are you?), I always have it pointed out to me by reality, that I still have things to work on. Regardless of whether I actually get what I’m hunting for, or I just go out and sit in or stalk through the woods for the morning or afternoon, a day sitting in the woods, enjoying God’s creation, beats any day sitting in an office, going to or being at work (unless that is your office, but relaxing as opposed to working is still pretty awesome). I went out Thursday morning for early muzzleloader season, hoping for the best, expecting the worst, but knowing that generally the “worst” is not getting anything, and it’s still better than most alternatives.

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    I like that dude’s blog site. Good stuff !

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