Jim Miller’s letter of resignation to Sam and Holly

Jim Miller sent me a link a little bit ago where we can find his resignation letter from III Arms to Sam and Holly Kerodin.

Jim came to grip with himself. Read the letter, but also read the tone of the letter. The man sounds tired. Not physically tired, but tired of the bullshit.

I’ve brought up Sammy’s quirk before of building people up as long as they were on his side and then vilifying them when they called him on his bullshit. Jim’s a great example. As long as Jim was the armorer, he was a great Patriot. But since he quit? Now it seems like Sam can’t even refer to him without mentioning that he’s a dirty rotten fed.

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3 Responses to Jim Miller’s letter of resignation to Sam and Holly

  1. As one of those who appreciate the smiles and efforts of those working at the VA hospitals and care centers I send a heartfelt THANKS to Jim and all those like him. While there are those working at them that just want a paycheck and try to shirk as much that resembles work as they can, those others more than pay their dues. Many, many are Vets themselves and have seen the other side of the fence. Several there are who contributed in large or small to my still choosing to cling to this mortal coil. I’ll never be able to repay them, but, I hope my simple smiles and courtesy make their job more worthwhile.
    Jim, you have no need to apologize for you choices in your career.
    God Bless!

  2. Joseph Bloe says:

    You might consider looking up the traits of someone with Borderline Personality disorder. You might find it interesting reading.

  3. Andy says:

    Ditto to Larry’s post. VA employees, by and large, are great but sadly there are those entitled ones that deserve the paycheck for jack shit. Sounds exactly like the VA clinic I go to. Most all do their jobs quite well except for the 10%. Yeah, the same 10% that every unit has that brings the other 90% down. Kenny, you are 100% on the mark with the tone of the letter. Jim certainly sounds like someone that is in fact very tired. From what I’ve read from Kenny and others, it sounds as if Jim has been beat down, figuratively speaking, by Sammy and his bull shit.

    To you Jim, good luck and remember that it gets worse before it gets better, and it always gets better.

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