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So….most of the folks who read this blog know that along with being a leatherworker, I’m also an FFL. As an FFL, I get to see all sorts of neat firearms come through the store, and I get more than my fair share of times where I fall into instant lusting for a particular firearm.

Now, I’ve been a SIG fan ever since a friend up in NY (where we lived before moving to Tennessee) let me try his SIG P220 (Yeah, I actually shot the handgun before being issued the permission slip that said I was allowed to be within 15 feet of one….NY can go fuck itself…). The gun was, without a doubt, the smoothest cycling gun I had ever fired. I was instantly in lust for one (this was back in 2004) but it would be at least nine years before I could actually afford to get one. And I did get one, once I secured my FFL and had opened my store. I had my eye on the P226, but the spousal unit insisted that before I get it, I had to part with one of my other handguns. So I sold my Kimber (seemy post here about the vaunted Kimber quality…) and bought the P226.

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  1. Tsquared says:

    If you want it to go bang every time you pull the trigger get a Glock.

  2. warhorse says:

    I’m wondering if the parts in question were overstock from the military M11 program. I’ve heard about the military requiring that they use outside suppliers for parts, to cut costs and to uphold the fed’s requirement to use “small business”. the SIG factory in the US is a few towns over from me (was exeter,NH now Newington,NH), as is the sig-sauer academy (epping,NH), and they don’t seem like the type to cut corners unless it’s mandated by the customer.

  3. drjim says:

    I’ve got a 226 in 40 S&W that I rarely shoot.

    Beautiful gun, extremely well made, fits my hand perfectly, and probably more accurate than I am.


    The long pull on the first shot followed by the short pull that follows makes it difficult for me to get an accurate follow-up shot.

    I readily admit it’s ME, and not the gun. I grew up shooting 1911’s, did all my training with 1911’s, and have taken numerous Tactical/Combat pistol classes using a 1911.

    I’m too “well trained” and too damn old to switch pistols in midstream, and I’ll keep my 1911’s as my “Go To” guns.

    The SIG will stay in the case, cleaned and oiled regularly, with a total of maybe 200 rounds fired through it.

    Might be a real nice barter item when TSHTF…….

  4. Upriverdavid says:

    Thanks, I almost got one last year. The price was too high and i went for a Ruger LC9….
    My only complaint with it is that their “key” is needed to field strip it.

  5. WiscoDave says:

    Have and CC a P226 in 9mm. I’ve had the thing since the late ’80s. Had a P220 in .45 ACP at the same time but sold that one when times were hard.
    Yeah, I know it’s a 9mm but it fits me and does what I want it to. Never have had issues with it. Bought some 18 rd mags that work great. 18 + 1 and 2 spare mags. Have always carried Silver Tip HP. Why change what works (for me)?

  6. Sodbuster says:

    Never cared for SIG’s, don’t find them to be left hand friendly. Got a buddy that loves them who just got a P220 Hunter SAO 10mm. The rear sight came loose first time out. Here’s the video;

  7. dogpigcat says:

    I have a 226 in 357sig I bought new in ’02. No rail. It rides in the truck. Always
    Thousands of rounds through it and not a hiccup. The only thing I’ve shot that matched the action is an HK USP compact in the same caliber and I sold that. Sad to hear this tale though I wonder if it is just that weapon or the entire line they are doing this to.
    Dennis, I’m about ready to start carrying the compact Kahr 45 I bought after selling the HK.
    I’ll shoot ya an email for a holster

  8. Brian says:

    Have an SP2022 (226ish with a polymer frame) in 9mm and love it. Fit and finish are great, it’s more accurate than I am, came with the Sig night sites, and was sub-$400 at PSA.

  9. Gator says:

    I have two SIGs, both in .40, one I have had for 8 or 9 years, the other i got 2 summers ago. I(and friends) have put thousands of rounds through them. I have never had one single issue with either of them with functionality. I have fired every type of ammo under the sun, too. One of them spends its life rattling around in my glove box, its dinged up, but it was already like that when I bought it. The second one also came with a 357 barrel that works in both guns. Cannot say enough good things about sig. They are expensive, but you truly do get what you pay for.

    Apparently thats not the case with kimber. I used to really want one, but Ive been turned off to them by stories like the one the holster guy linked to. They may be few and far between, but as expensive as they are, thats unacceptable. 500 rounds break in before you can complain(according to kimber)? no thanks. Same thing with Para ord. a friend of mine had one, beautiful pistol, had a bunch of problems though. If I hear a bump in the night, Im grabbing a sig or a glock.

  10. James says:

    Warhorse,I too am close to the Sig in US and am also surprised at what seems in this case lack of quality over site.Me friends mum took their 2 day pistol course and has become a excellent shot.I have had folks tell me in the past only buy one from Europe manufacture,,till now never heard a reason why,hope this is only a mistake that they will correct for all.

  11. pigpen51 says:

    I have to say, this is the absolute, without a doubt best sort of review of any firearm I have ever read anywhere. Dennis, you have my utmost respect. Almost all people trying to sell guns, or magazines are an awful lot like Will Rogers, they have never met a gun they didn’t like.
    To have someone come out and honestly call a company to task for taking the cheap route on a high dollar pistol is refreshing to say the least.
    Now, MIM parts on many guns are perfectly acceptable. Not on a one thousand plus dollar gun intended for personal defense. If it were a 200$ Taurus pt111 G2, like I have been carrying, a MIM part is certainly excusable. You just have to cut costs where you can on inexpensive guns.
    Now, of course, it may be an aberration, and Sig might indeed be trying to burn up some parts mandated by some contract. Unlikely, but possible. How much money they save by this move cannot be enough to make up for the bad publicity that will be generated when word of this gets out. And you can be certain that it will eventually get out.
    Again, Dennis, thanks for being a stand up guy. You had my respect when you raised money for Kilted to Kick Cancer. It just went up even higher.

  12. Mike S. says:

    The rail never bugged me. The regular P226 doesn’t have a true Picatinny rail (some versions do, (specifically the P226 Combat and Mk25), but the rails cut in the regular old P226R are just slots cut in the dust cover. It’s why the classic and standard rail models fit in the same holsters.

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