Without question, the III community’s most influential blogger and news source is Concerned American at WRSA. When I have time to read blogs, WRSA is one that I go to. No, this isn’t about WRSA shutting down. I hope. Calm the fuck down.
CA runs a great site. There’s no fluff to it (ahem), it’s just postings about Liberty. He doesn’t get involved in internet squabbles.
But WRSA is the site for Liberty minded bloggers. I know CA never intended this and probably doesn’t want it, but if you don’t have CA’s nod, your blog ain’t gonna grow. Not on the internet. I would imagine it’s kinda the same thing when you get CA’s disapproval. Same thing with projects – if you have a project and WRSA mentions it, there’s plenty of exposure.
Well, CA disapproves of Courtland Grojean’s tactics. Mightily, in fact.
Read about it below:

This is the first time I’ve seen CA do something like this, flat out condemning somebody. Oh, I know it’s not the first time he’s done it but it happens rarely enough that when it does happen it’s because there’s been such a preponderance of evidence or the level of bullshit has built up so high that it can’t be ignored anymore.

It’s my personal opinion (important words there) that CA thought we we’re doing a good enough job without him having to become involved, so he stayed out of it. No sense in spreading dissension, I was doing just fine by myself. That’s fine. But when ol’ Court made false allegation’s to a man’s boss, endangering his retirement and livelihood just because the man disagreed with him, he stepped over a line. This is not a no quarter battle. It’s not a fucking war. All we did was ask some questions. Had they been answered, even if it wasn’t to our satisfaction, we would’ve had to stop. But he stepped over the line.
He’s done. He finished himself off. He went down in a blaze of stupidity, shooting before he got his guns untangled from his double crossdraw rigs.


CA, thank you for posting what you did. I know you didn’t want to get involved, that was obvious by you not getting involved.
We feel the same guilt about doing folks wrong by sending them to him to begin with. That was a major motivation in my doing this. When I make a mistake, I not only apologize but I try to make it right.
I do hope that you’re just taking a break. I hope that it’s a short one for us but long enough for you.
Thank you

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  1. Hey Wirecutter,


    Does Kerodin show any signs of stepping down, shutting down?

    I have to admit I am tired of this shit going on. We (patriot movement) have bigger things to worry about and I kinda wish Kerodin would start a ‘patriotcars.com’ business and sell used cars (dishonesty in that business is expected)

    I think what really disgust me is that Angel (and others) lost some serious coin on Kerodin (I only lost $23.00) at least Angel got that 1911 aways back and I hope everyone else recouped their losses too somehow.

    any intel on Kerodin’s blog hit numbers, members, followers…are their many left?

    • Exile1981 says:

      As long as carrotin is drawing a pay cheque for stirring up shit in the III% community he isn’t going away and people will still stuble across his blog.

    • WiscoDave says:

      Hopefully they’ll meet in a phone booth and have that election he promised…

    • S. B. says:

      I was just over there. He’s talking about doing more shit. Guess he’ll just turn everyone in to the feds. He said everything found was meant to be found.

  2. Tricky Dicky says:

    Kerodin’s website just seemed to reek of a clumsy .gov undercover caper, and the frightening part is, that if they couldn’t find anything legitimate, they would search for useful idiots to entrap.

    A Journal Sentinel investigation uncovered deep flaws and a profound lack of government oversight in undercover ATF stings across the country, including in Milwaukee.


    READ all the articles from the link above and exercise discretion in whom you associate.

    Proof that crime does pay:

    Four ATF special agents responsible for the agency’s botched undercover storefront sting in Milwaukee have been disciplined, but received the lightest punishment handed out by the agency.

    The information was contained in a letter to members of Congress who demanded that the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and ExplosivesDirector B. Todd Jones disclose what disciplinary action was taken against agents and supervisors responsible for Operation Fearless.

    James Burch, the ATF’s assistant director for governmental affairs, wrote that seven special agents involved in the Milwaukee sting were reviewed.

    The ATF’s Professional Review Board proposed a reprimand for one agent and issued a “memorandum of caution” — the mildest action the board can take — to three others.


  3. Tricky Dicky says:


    “The investigation found agents used a brain-damaged man with a low IQ to promote the operation and then arrested him; allowed armed felons to leave the store; arrested four of the wrong people; paid such high prices for guns that people bought guns from stores and sold them to agents for a profit; and failed to secure the store, resulting in the operation being burglarized.

    Special Agent Michael Aalto, the lead undercover agent, had his guns stolen, including a machine gun, which has not been recovered.

    After the investigation was published, Special Agent Jacqueline Sutton, who was in charge of Operation Fearless, was moved from the Milwaukee office to Washington, D.C. It was not clear if that was a punishment.

    The ATF told congressional staffers the problems were isolated to the Milwaukee operation and said storefront stings had been used effectively across the country.”

    Is Sam Kerodin a brain damaged man? His actions betray him…..

  4. It has been recognized by so many that what the movement lacks is leadership & cohesiveness. To me it seems that Sam has done great damage to both of those areas.

    I likely will leave III-PS keeping my focus LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL, working with my team and my family to be ready for whatever is to come.

  5. Devil Tongue says:

    Damn, K went on the defensive in a big hurry with Kenny’s truths laid bare for all to see. I think he posted a threat, vague but still a threat. Thank you Wirecutter and all the rest for being such stand up people, it’s people like you I choose to spend my time with.

  6. Randy says:

    THIS is the type of thing that has kept me away from involvement in any group or organization of any kind.
    It seems that human nature dictates that certain personality types have an innate need for attention, influence and control.
    Virtually every group, from student councils to PTA’s to HOA’s to fraternal organizations to even the III movement, will inevitably have members wanting to run everything, and who will do whatever it takes to retain their influence- even to the detriment of the group itself. God help anyone who disagrees with this type of person.
    I recognized and rejected this phenomena at an early age, and have not voluntarily participated in any organized group since. As a lifelong salesman, I’d have been much better off over the years to belong to certain organizations for business contacts and networking, if nothing else. Yet, my tolerance for such described bullshit has kept me from joining anything.
    I have great respect and admiration for the III movement, and am encouraged by knowing that so many like minded people are out there. I appreciate the efforts put forth, but won’t consider getting involved beyond modest financial contributions and attempting to influence the minds of others with logical and effective debate.
    I’m an unconventional lone wolf. I’ve had more near-death experiences than almost anyone reading this, and am in the process of kicking death’s ass again- this time with cancer. I’m not scared of shit, and wouldn’t hesitate for a second to use my considerable means to defend freedom, if and when TSHTF.
    I suspect that there are millions of others out there like myself- those who don’t have the time, inclination or patience to join up with anyone, but will step up if needed.
    I wish the III organizations the best of luck. I’ve known from the beginning that this type of thing was inevitable. The enemies of freedom rejoice over III conflict, and it’s likely that they have contributed to the mess. Hopefully things will get sorted out. Until the next troublemaker shows up.

  7. Grenadier1 says:

    CA assures me that WRSA is not shutting down, just taking a tactical pause to get some pepto.

  8. S. B. says:

    This is a distraction I believe. Making all kinds of noise and trying to get people busted, dragging in other good people and getting them soiled with this filth being spread around. I wonder if big K actually works for.gov himself. He seems to run to them to do his bidding.
    There is to much going on in the world right now to be bothered with this. This is the childness that turns people away, which may be his goal.

  9. tfA-t says:

    Things are pretty bad, and k seems to have made things worse. It’ appears to me, that whenever those green betreys Roberts and Barry post their personal politics, there’s trouble on WRSA. It’s as if they are deliberately trying to incite division amongst the forces of Freedom. IMO, if they want to help out, they should just be putting forth pertinent tactical information(that all of us have paid for)and leave their boot licking or racist views to their own selves. Most Americans have enough of the slave-master relationship as it is.

  10. Matt says:

    I know Scammy’s type well, and I don’t think we’ve heard the last from him. His type won’t be content leaving until they burn down as much as they can around them. In his mind he’s been wronged, and his obvious anger issues will force him to do something even dumber than what he’s tried already.

    It’s best to never make friends with these kind of machiavellian people, because they will ALWAYS eventually turn on you.

    Also, I guess it means the audit of the IIIPS isn’t coming any time soon?

    • Wirecutter says:

      He posted the audit (if you can call it that) for the IIIPS 6 weeks after he said he would. It’s on one of his other blogs. It was a deflection – we didn’t ask about the IIIPS funds, we wanted to know where the III Arms money went.

  11. idahobob says:

    I doubt that he will go away, and there will always be some stupid followers that drink the Kerodin cool aid happily.

    Twill be best just to ignore ’em.


  12. Karl Ushanka says:

    Thanks for sharing. A shame WRSA had to make that post.

  13. Steve Ramsey says:

    Mr.K, In his latest post, appears to be making threats.

    Time for the Kerodin anthem:


  14. pigpen51 says:

    The only dog in this hunt that I have is that I am a patriot. I have not been a follower of Kerodin’s nor a long time observer of this issue, although I have seen enough.
    The thing I hate about the entire disgusting mess is that good people have been hurt by the actions of mostly one man and his adherents. And this one man, when his back is against the wall and the evidence has been shown to his face, has neither the good grace, nor the decency to either disappear or recant, either of which take a real man, which indicates to me that he is simply someone out for himself. Hell, even Richard Nixon, when facing similar issues, had the guts to fall on his own sword and resign rather than continue to deny and force more pain upon a country which had already seen enough of him.
    I know that the country is filled with men like him. That is why we are in the predicament we are in. I had hoped that I would not find that in the patriot movement. As a Christian, I should have remembered what Jesus said when he warned us to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. It has many more applications than just spiritual, it would seem

    • Grandpa/S says:

      Or, as seems more apt; a sheep masquerading as a wolf. Sadly, this has turned – because of deceit, the pride of life… and ego sin of almost each kind… to be exactly what many of us prayed it would not be – ‘patriots as clowns’. Today was posted ‘over there’; a “trail of bread crumbs’; as if discovery was planned, and intended. If I recall, bread crumb trails originally came from Hansel and Gretel… what would be more apropos would be… a line of road apples that lead to a horse’s ass…

  15. Angel says:

    I’m not that big in terms of the Patriot community, I run my silly little blog and associate with some pretty big fish. That being said, there’s only one area the Kerodins can attack that will get to me, and that’s my Cute Chicks. I don’t have a job to lose and suing me for money is laughable. But a SWAT call on my house would probably end tragically as my girls won’t understand a bunch of armed, screaming troops and will end up dead. A call to DFCS might result in temporary removal of the chicks from my care until things are sorted out. The only place for adults with mental issues around here is the Pavilion, not exactly where you want scared and confused kids. I take all that into consideration before I comment or post anything. I never sought the destruction of the Kerodins, but I’m not too sure they share the same sentiment about me.

  16. pontiouspilot says:

    Been to Brock’s PatCon several times and had taken Ceritonin’s classes and the donated to the TOC short bus. I got wary when updates on the bus were not very forthcoming and then really alarmed when a society BOD and I had converstions surrounding money. Then his ranting on about creating anarchy did not set right with my sense of gut.

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