Alex’s 2015 harvest

Hey Ken, here are a few deer from this season so far. We shot two more earlier in the week, but it got unseasonably warm here in PA so we butchered them on Tuesday. The small doe on the left is the first deer I’ve ever harvested with a revolver. Used my Ruger Bisley 44 mag.



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4 Responses to Alex’s 2015 harvest

  1. gamegetterII says:

    Nice,lots of great meals there.

    I got skunked in Ohio’s week long gun season-didn’t see a deer all week that was anywhere even close to being in range.
    We’ve still got a 2 day gun season here-Dec 28th and 29th, a muzzleloader season in Jan, the 9th-12th,and our archery season is open through Feb 7th 2016.
    I’m not done yet!

  2. Jack58 says:

    What got me was the visceral reaction/memory of laying my rifle on the ground years ago – and it was a “dummy”!
    Thought the DI was gonna pop a carotid.

  3. MikeinAppalachia says:

    Your DI would have been more upset if you confused your left and right.

  4. Leigh says:

    Nice clean looking eight, you got there Alex. Kudos on the harvest with the handgun as well, I’ve never gotten that opportunity. Judging by the game pole, I’ll assume that is a fairly old hunting camp. Nice to see traditions continue.

    My father just came back from 10 days in Ohio, and all he got was a doe. Out of six guys, they only got three deer. Seems as though a hemorrhagic disease of some kind hit the herd out there pretty hard a couple years ago. The population has yet to make a proper comeback.

    Whitehall, NY

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