A Christmas gift


An Ek Model 4. It’s actually a larger knife than it appears with a 6 1/2″ blade, about 12 1/2″ OAL, made by Ka-Bar.
Sorry ’bout the dog hair on the blanket, CharlieGodammit stays in full shed.

Here’s the specs:


It’s a very nice utilitarian fighting knife, it looks to be very well constructed and I will give it a loving home on my LBE. Thank you.

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16 Responses to A Christmas gift

  1. Hey Wirecutter,


    Badass knife.

    and it was a gift too. Equally bad ass.

    I got a few Condor bush crafting knives not long ago. They are really well made for what they are and the price point.
    A man needs a good working knife for everything from working with wood to cutting boxes etc. I don’t know how the smaller Condor knife (The bushlore) will do with processing game. I may need a separate knife for that task.

  2. j.r. guerra in south tx. says:

    Very cool knife – your benefactor chose wisely ! Eks have a good reputation.

  3. Tom W. says:

    Very bad ass indeed. I’ve got a few Kabar’s from Grandad. A double bladed folder, and a wood handled combat knife.

    Get the hell out of Kaliforniastan quick Wirecutter, those Black Knives Matter scares the straights.

  4. Lazarus Long says:

    What dog hair?

  5. pigpen51 says:

    I am not super well versed on MI knife laws, but I think that knives that are sharpened on both edges are classified as daggers and are illegal here. We can own them, we just can’t carry them. Don’t quote me, like I said, I am not sure, but I do know our knife laws are dumb.
    Like there is no real blade length specified as illegal, but you can’t carry one with the “intention” of committing an assault. How they determine intent I am not sure.
    Still, that is for sure a beautiful knife. I have more knives than guns. I need more of both.

  6. czechsix says:

    Far as I know, CA laws on double edged blades are classed as daggers, and they’ll use it as an add on charge if you piss them off.

    But…..nice blade, great choice.

  7. AbbyS says:

    Hey Kenny, got a friend with a website http://www.sharppointythings.com/index.html
    I don’t know how to make links work on this thing…. Anyways, Michael Z. Williamson is an awesome fellow, a hell of a great sci-fi author, collector/dealer of knives, and probably knows almost as much as you do about firearms. Check out some of those sharp pointy things sometime, if you get the chance. I’m hoping to get a few pieces eventually :) He’s cool. He keeps getting banned on facebook.

  8. livin to ride says:

    thats nice..
    all i got was a insulated shirt with a hood on it..

  9. RonM says:

    Nice gift, congratulations! My first really good knife was an Ek bowie. Truly an awesome knife. I was so impressed I went on a “knife collecting” spree (really, more like knife accumulating because there is no focus to my collection: if I liked it, I bought it) that lasted 25 or 30 years.

    • Wirecutter says:

      You sound like my dad. After he died we went into his ‘treasure chest’ to see what was in it and I bet we found 50 knives – in addition to the 40 or 50 we knew about. Most of them were souvenir knives, but I managed to snag a couple that I bought for him.
      I’ve probably got 30-40 different knives laying around, everything from a 14″ Cold Steel Bowie (they don’t come cheap) to throwaways that I use for work.

  10. ofaycat says:

    If you every say someone who lost a knife fight, you would buy and carry a fucking gun for the rest of your life. Knife fights are for crazy people …. fuck that.

  11. T. Wrangler says:

    The Ek Commando has been produced by several manufacturers over the years, and build quality has varied. Original examples of this historical knife may command high prices..
    I have been accumulating edged weapons for years- knives, swords and bayonets.
    When my Dad passed away, his USMC NCO Saber mysteriously disappeared, along w/ his WW II USMC ring.. I replaced the saber with an authentic current-production saber, but cannot afford a replacement for the ring, due to the price of gold these days.

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