I just jizzed all over myself

Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed are currently selling their “Ghost Gunner” CNC machine for $1,500.00. It forges a path for Americans to make homemade AR-15 rifles in their garages, basements, or anywhere else they wish to set up the compact CNC machine.

In effect, the machine makes every man an AR-15 manufacturer.

In 2013, Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed put itself on the map with a 3D printed gun that anyone with a 3D printer and blueprints for the gun—which were uploaded to the Internet—could make in their home, or office, or wherever their printer was located. In May 2013, the State Department demanded Wilson remove the blueprints from the Internet, which he did, but not without challenging the State Department’s legal authority to make such a demand.


Would I buy one? Oh, fuck yes I’d buy one. Give me 1500 bucks and that bitch is mine.

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9 Responses to I just jizzed all over myself

  1. crazyeighter says:

    Fuck you Obama; fuck you Hillary; fuck you Bloomberg, fuck you Chucky Schumer, fuck you Di-Fi, fuck you Mothers Demand Action, fuck you Brady bunch.

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      Know the feeling.
      Everyone keeps pushing, and pushing, and pushing.
      Getting to the point were I’m prone to fly off the handle.

  2. Larry says:

    I guaran-damn-tee you that every single one they ship, the Feds know exactly who it’s going to, and then each and every one of them will get close scrutiny. That said, I want a CNC milling machine, but one that’s truly general purpose. Oh, the things I could make!

  3. warhorse says:

    in the sheep-raising community, they have “sheep-to-sweater” races..shear the sheep, spin the wool to yarn, knit the sweater.

    we should have “billet-to-bullet” races. build the gun, start to finish, from raw materials, first one to fire and hit a man-sized target at 100 yards wins. because it will seriously piss off the feds.

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