Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon…..

I’ve been asked more than once what my obsession with bacon is. Is it a stage? A vitamin deficiency? A weird fucking fetish? What???
Hold on to your seats, motherfuckers. Here comes a shocking revelation…..
My grandmother used to smear my lips with bacon grease when I was a baby to get me to eat my more mundane baby foods like green beans and taters. She told me when I was in my 30s, and strangely enough we were sharing some bacon when she was reminded of that.
No lie. Grandma waren’t no dummy. She knew what the good shit was. I really really really miss my Grandma Audrey.

It’s funny, but when I think of my family migrating her from Oklahoma, I think of the movie and book (more of the book) ‘Grapes Of Wrath’. It’s a fairly accurate description of my family’s trials, troubles and perseverance.
In the book Grandpa is my great grandfather David as I knew him in his later years. My great grandmother Lilly would be Grandma as I knew her in later years also. But my grandma Audrey could be portrayed as Rose of Sharon in her early years, Ma Joad in the years when I was growing up and later, sadly, Grandma Joad. I say sadly because the woman will always be in her 40s in my heart. It pains me to think of her growing old. It brings me to tears now to just think about it. It really does, no other relative can claim that from me.
She was a very loving and gracious woman. I love her every bit as much now as I did then. She was probably the biggest influence on my life and I don’t mean that as a slight on my parents in any way. It’s just that when I was a kid, my dad was overseas, my mother was working nights trying to support us and because of that, we lived with our grandparents. It just happened to be in my formative years, whatever the fuck those are.
But yeah, my grandma taught me right. She was a poor woman, but very proud. Oh God, she was proud. “We may be poor, but we ain’t trash.” I gotta tell you, even though I can joke about it now, it would’ve hurt her to see some of my posts in my Okies category. I mean those as no disrespect to you, Grandma. You know that. I know the hardships you went through, yes ma’am, I surely do. You played a major part in who I am right now.
I love you as I do my own mother ever though you did rip me off with those damned Yankee Dimes. I figure you owe me about 3 million bucks, Lady. I’ll be collecting soon enough and I’ll take Yankee Dimes again in welcome payment.
God bless ye, Grandma.

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  1. X says:

    I don’t have the words to exactly impart what I’m trying to say here. This was a sweet post, and I don’t mean that disparagingly. My family came to CA from the dust bowl, by way of Texas. This made me think of my great aunt, who has been gone some 20 years now. She was my favorite, and though I think of her, and my grandpa too, quite often this post made me tear up, and miss them both something fierce.

    Good post, and thanks.

    • Wirecutter says:

      You did fine, really you did. Maybe it takes a dust bowl child to understand another, but you came through 5x.
      My grandmother was from Valiant OK, and if you’ll check the maps, you’ll see they were almost Texans, barely Okies.
      A dust bowler is a dust bowler, no matter where thy started from whether it be Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, wherever. Same folks, same story – got tractored out, then the bank foreclosed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I miss both of my Grandmothers. Both lived close to where I grew up (one across the street !). I really wish I had listened to them more, not that I blocked them out, but when you are a kid, you space out doing kid things.

    Maternal Grandma raised 11 kids, keeping them fed and clean in agricultural camps (Migrant farm workers). They ranged from south Texas to Utah, Oklahoma, Mississippi picking various crops. Hard life – My Mom worked in the fields until she was 16 years old, when they finally settled down.

    Paternal Grandma raised 6 kids, Grandpa was a store manager and kept a small ‘hole in the wall’ grocery store as well. According to Dad, she was a force to be reckoned with, not the sweet old lady I grew up with.

    Both gone now, the last one in 1995. I sure do miss them.

    Thanks for the post – and Happy New Year. Chapstick ought to come out with bacon flavored lip balm – they’d sell out quick !

  3. BaconLover says:

    Pick this book up at whatever outlet you choose
    I never knew what the dangling chains under my 1913 house were for until I read this book

  4. ColdSoldier says:

    Yankee Dimes, my Mom use to get me with that one too!

  5. Gear Check says:

    Ken,completely off topic here,but ah I’m looking for thoughts on handloads the kind I carry for self defense,are self defense handloads premeditated, I really do consider your thoughts on many many things and I’m not looking for legal advice here but what do you think factory self defense or hand load self defense loads

    • Wirecutter says:

      Use factory loads, sir. If you shoot somebody with handloads, the DA will go nuts prosecuting you for using ‘special’ killer bullets. If you use a factory load, that will negate that argument.
      Massad Ayoob went into detail about this in the 1980s in one of his books, although I don’t remember the title right off the top of my head.
      There are some outstanding loads out there for any caliber you shoot, pick one and save yourself a headache after the fact.

  6. bob e says:

    happy new year to you all .. great reading the posts here .. easy one here ..

  7. chams90 says:

    Bet people now a days dont even know what a Yankee Dime is been yrs since i got my last one sure miss them an that one from a aunt in KY.

  8. Just ordered the book from Amazon. Thanks Bacon Lover!!

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