BRB. Headed to the libarry.


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  1. PawPaw says:

    Reminds me of the library when I was a starvin’ undergrad in the early ’70s. The library had little study carrels, tiny little rooms with a desk and two chars where people could go to study. We couldn’t afford hotel rooms and the dorms were strictly segregated, so if you wanted to have hook-up sex, the library was the place. Good times, good memories. Unless the on-duty librarian caught you. I used to be amazed at how horny the economics majors were. Something about advanced math and demand curves and the next thing you know, you’re banging her on the desk.

  2. idahobob says:

    To the library we will go, the library we will go……………


  3. I wanna go!

    Don’t forget your Library Card. You need it to ‘Check Things Out’!

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