I told you I wasn’t any good at this shit, didn’t I?

not handy

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14 Responses to I told you I wasn’t any good at this shit, didn’t I?

  1. gamegetterII says:

    Wow-what a clusterfuck.
    Looks they were using mortar instead of the mastic you’re supposed to use too.
    And the obviously never heard of using tile spacers,so all the tiles have the same sized gap on all 4 sides.
    It ain’t hard to do that shit right,just a pain in the ass-especially when you put the grout in.

  2. Lazarus Long says:

    But what/who is in the box?

  3. Tractordude says:

    That’s exactly why I hate DIY home improvement projects. If it has nuts and bolts then I can handle just about anything, but other than that it’s measure four or fives times and cut twice.

  4. ChuckN says:

    Amateurs and Their Exes: Home Edition

  5. czechsix says:

    That’s not just trying…that’s trying to get a fucked up result.

    A chimp could do better.

  6. bob e says:

    looks like a great job ..

  7. Angeleyes says:

    I’m not too proud to admit when something’s outside of my skill set. Know your limits and hire it out.
    You can still tell your friends that you “did it yourself”.

  8. I’m in awe.

    First place in the “She’ll NEVER ask him to fix it himself again!: Home Division”.

  9. Charlie Mitchell says:

    He did that on purpose so she would never ask him to do stuff around the house again.
    Smart man.

  10. Miss Lisa says:

    I just read that comment Wirecutter…..remember that down the road love. : P

  11. CC says:

    Hey that was funny Miss Lisa, but I don’t believe your other half thinks so

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