Methinks thou bullshit too much – The Kerodin v Lane debacle

For Sammy, that is. I’ve been looking forward to it for a l-o-n-g time.

Okay, this is a long overdue post and I’ve been wanting to do it since my first court date but my lawyer, the one that I paid for his counsel, advice and representation, advised me not to say anything until the court cases were done so as not to give Sammy any more ammo. No matter what Sammy says about Honey Badger Holly shutting me up with her behavior modification, she didn’t have a damned thing to do with it.
I felt an obligation to post the results because I had a hell of a lot of Patriots out there that invested your hard earned money to beat these people. Had my attorney gave me the go-ahead, I would’ve posted it the same afternoon.

Well, the court cases are done. I went to court on the restraining order in November and won, no matter what Sammy implied to his Faithful Four Followers.
Today I went to court on the $10,000 lawsuit – and won by default because they never showed up. I can understand why, without that restraining order to back them up saying I was a menace to society, how could they justify suing me for security expenses? Especially when Sammy has continued to taunt me on his blog, calling me a coward over and over? That would’ve been easy for me to convince the judge he was just poking the bear.

Okay, back to the restraining order. When it was filed, it basically said she was in fear for her life because I was stalking her by posting photos of a house she had vacated 6 months prior and of her place of business. What the hell lady, you live in a town of 2400 people. How many kiddie (or adult for that matter) dojos are there in that town? A visitor could find it just by asking any local.
But she felt threatened without an actual threat. Then Sammy built it up on his blog where they were being threatened and stalked. Horseshit. They felt their walls tumbling down and they lashed out.
That was pretty much the entire restraining order application and that’s what I prepared for. But when we got to court, damned near everything they had pertained to me being racist. Racist? How the fuck am I supposed to counter something that I wasn’t prepared for? They didn’t give a single hint about racism in their application for the restraining order. My attorney went into a conference room with them to review their evidence and when he came out he said “Remember when I told you that everything you told me you said was protected Free Speech? That doesn’t apply to racism, asshole” and then he tosses me a stack of my posts that Sammy Sharpton and Honey Badger Holly had printed out that she said was directed at her. Here’s a sample. All links will open in a separate tab because I’m cool about that shit.
HERE Huh? And oh my goodness I have a whole category titled ‘Niggas’.
HERE And then she tells the judge “because everybody knows coon is a racial slur for people of color.” Yeah, it’s also a term for RACcoons, lady.
HERE And then Rob pulled out this to show just how racist I appear to be. No shit.
Well, what Sammy Sharpton didn’t count on was an hour and a half lunch break before our case was heard. I live 20 minutes drive from the courthouse so I hauled ass home and the first thing I printed out was this for Rob to ask Holly if that had been on her husband’s blog up until the week prior.


Nope, no denying that, huh Honey Badger? And I’m the hater?
I also printed up a list of my categories to show that yeah, I have a Niggas category with 120 posts, but please notice I also have a White Trash and Okies category with about the same number of posts. I may be in poor taste, but I make fun of everybody. Just ask our favorite redhead, Angel.
I mean shit, how racist can I be? I work in a warehouse that’s 80% hispanic. I hired an attorney named Robert Anaya, a hispanic gentleman for Christ’s sake!

Anyways, it wasn’t looking good for me. Every time the word racist was brought up (seemed like every other word), the judge was staring daggers at me.
And then Rob started asking questions of Holly, and she fell to pieces. One of the most comical parts of the proceedings was when she pointed across the table at me and shrieked “I’m in fear of my life from THAT man!!!”
If you say so, lady.

And then the Judge finally noticed the Jedburg Coon and started asking questions about it and she replied that it was a school that her and her husband were starting. Judge Freeland asked what they taught and she replied basic prepping skills like canning and putting up preserves – I shit you not, that’s what she said. Then when it was my turn I figured what the hell, and told them what Sammy Sharpton had been saying about it on his blog: it was a school that taught sabotage, infiltration, exfiltration, assassination, demolitions and subversion, just like the original Jedburgs. I didn’t feel like I was giving anything up seeing as Sammy already had it all on his blog and everybody knows who Sammy is, right? I mean, he’s a legend in his own mind.
But when I said that all of a sudden the judge got real interested and what do you know, Holly didn’t want to talk about the Jedburg Coon no more. “Okay, I’ll drop that. Let’s move on, Your Honor.”
Canning and preserves…..

Okay, so when it was all said and done, the judge said he’d release his decision on the 18th of December. Holly’s allegations were so unfounded and full of bullshit I got his decision on the 7th, a full 11 days early and it was in my favor.
I could just hear the disbelief in the Sharpton’s voices when they got the decision – “But but but we said all the right words – he’s unstable, he’s a racist and ohmigod he’s got guns! That was a sure win in California!” Yeah Sammy, maybe in San Francisco or Los Angeles Counties that would’ve worked, but this is Stanislaus County. Whole ‘nother California.

Now, before we get to the documents and even more witty comments from me below the fold, I want to say one thing. Despite my past, I’ve been in a courtroom maybe 7 times. That’s it. Now do you want to know a dirty little secret? Every fucking time the judge listened to what I had to say and even when I was found guilty I felt I was treated fairly and accepted my fines without complaint. But the last 4 times I’ve been in court between my ex and the Sharptons, I’ve been amazed at how well the system worked. Right prevailed, Wrong got to go suck monkey ass.
It kinda puts my faith back in the system.

Okay, below the fold is the Judge’s decision on the restraining order.
Tone Deaf Jeff, Miss V, CavMedic, Fuzzy, Vernon, LT, Bill Nye and Alan, Sammy’s been implying Honey Bear Holly won that hearing. Has he shown you these documents? No? I wonder why? And yet you’ll continue to believe everything he says as gospel.

Image (2)

Image (3)

Image (4)

Image (5)

Image (6)

Image (7)

Image (8)

Image (9)

So Sammy Sharpton & Co lost, yet they’ve been implying that they won that order. Here’s the truth. Did Sammy tell you the truth? I didn’t think so.
By the way, that’s an official court document and perfectly legal to post. My attorney told me so.

Go to page 8. Read lines 3-9. Asking questions about money when it ain’t there with nothing to show for it is Free Speech. Where’s the fucking money, Sammy???
Page 8, lines 19-21. Directed at Sammy, not her.

So if all these remarks were directed at Sammy, why did Holly file the restraining order?
If you want to know what I think, she didn’t. Sammy was behind it. Why? Because he is fully aware of the Prohibited Persons (from owning firearms) laws and he wanted me to lose my firearms or my life.

But the fact is, he let his wife fight HIS fights for him. I got a big kick when I read Holly’s affidavit for the restraining order:


Check out the last paragraph about her having to depend on her local PD and the Courts for protection. Hell, even she admits her husband can’t do it.
I remember Lisa asking me what self respecting man would allow his wife to file a restraining order for protection? Isn’t that one of man’s primal instincts, to protect his family?
Which brings up this, I can’t resist it:

Kerodin Meme

And no, regardless of what Sammy Sharpton said on his blog, he has NEVER asked me to meet him privately or publicly to ‘discuss’ the things I said about him. Why? Because I’m not 70 years old, I’m not weakened from cancer and I’m damned sure not afraid of violence if he wants to bring it to me.
And after seeing him in court in December, I can see why – that little slump shouldered man minced into the courtroom carrying his white pleather man purse and wouldn’t even meet my gaze. He never once looked at me and we were in court for 8 solid hours. Not once. But what got me was his fucking hands. He has pink soft hands. I thought at first it was the chill, but after hours in the courtroom, they were still pink. What hard man has pink hands?
He’s a boy that thinks he’s a man.

Okay, I’ll post the restraining order itself after I dig it out, but first I want to leave you with one last laugh. Check out how impressed ol’ Sammy is with himself here:


Yeah Sammy, everybody in our community knows who you are – You’re the “Patriot” that went crying to the cops when Firestone wouldn’t quit picking on you. HERE
You’re the “Patriot” that tried to get JC Dodge fired from his job, then named him by name and employer. HERE
And you’re the “Patriot” that attempted to get me killed or my guns seized by filing a restraining order against me, knowing full well that in the State of California if a restraining order is granted, the defendant has 24 hours to turn them in. In Sammy’s eyes it was going to end in one of 2 ways – he was gonna win, I was gonna give up my guns and give Sammy free rein to talk all the shit he wanted about me being a “III Percenter” that caved. Or I could’ve acted as I believe and preach and would’ve been shot dead by a SWAT team coming after them, solving Sammy’s problems.
Yeah, everybody knows who you are.

Okay, one final note: When this was first started, we made it clear we hold nothing against the IIIPS members, only the president.
That’s changed for me. I can’t speak for the others in my group, but if you’ve been reading this shit since it’s started and you’re still a IIIPS member, fuck you. If you’re still putting money in his pocket, fuck you. By doing that you’re condoning his actions against me.

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126 Responses to Methinks thou bullshit too much – The Kerodin v Lane debacle

  1. AnonForOpsec says:

    HA!! “Wrong got to go suck monkey ass.” That made me laugh/choke on my 7 bean soup, ya fucker….

  2. Big Country says:

    Congrats Kenny…. May that festering twatwaffle suck a shit cigar in hell…

  3. North Texan says:

    Congrats Ken. Glad it all shook out in your favor. And as far as the Okies, white trash and other post categories who am I to judge what’s in poor taste or racist. I will tell you that shit is funny and keep it coming!!

  4. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    Congrats on your win!!! I’m seriously happy for you, matter of fact I’m having a Guinness in your honor right now.
    And it must feel good to drive another nail into the coffin of a blood sucking parasite(s). But as I keep saying, the world’s full of groupies looking for someone to lead them around. No shortage of volunteers, especially stupid ones.

  5. Angel says:

    If anyone is up for a Class Action suit against the Kerodins re: III Arms Founding Members, I’m your Huckleberry. Contact me.

    WC and Miss Lisa, I had no doubts, but I’m glad it’s over for y’all. Now on to Tennessee!

    • Guy Stumpman says:

      You should have done a counter suit on them for all your legal costs and hope tbey default on that shit.

    • bikermailman says:

      Add me in. Let me know details if you decide to go forward. Little shit never even sent my swag. I pulled the plug in August or so, when Kenny (and others, of course) began shining the light on the cockroaches.

      Congratulations to you two, good to see the Good Guys win one, when the system can be used for pure harassment so often.

  6. LJ says:

    Talk is the cheapest thing in the world and worth even less when spoken from behind a skirt. I suspect the next Websters dictionary will have a new picture to illustrate “buffoon”.

    Good for you Ken. I am happy as hell you prevailed in court.

  7. Mr. Miracle---Joe Lovato, if some fuck wants to start shit says:

    Wow, brother, glad that’s over with. What a douche….typical of weaklings and cowards. Way to stand your ground, Ken. As usual, you showed us all what Deeds, not Words, are really all about. Wirecutter for President? I would vote for ya! Glad you won, and you are still able to protect you and yours properly as our Founding Fathers knew was right.

  8. Miss Lisa says:

    Well done husband! I AM PROUD OF YOU! I love you honey.

  9. john H. says:

    amen Kenny, Amen! fuck em all. I even tried at one point to get an audit done at my expense, to clear up the financial mess and was banned from the website? The goose is well done! time to move on!
    John H.

  10. Congratulations! It’s nice to see the system work as it should.

  11. Scott Norris says:

    Well done ! Been wondering.

  12. Deb says:

    So they file a lawsuit against you, you show up, your lawyer shows up, the judge shows up, all the court officers/employees/etc. show up, but the petitioners don’t? Speaks volumes. Do they get fined for not showing up to their own party? Kudos to you for playing it cool and doing the right thing. N
    Though I suppose I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m pretty sure no one here is surprised at the outcome.

    Oh yeah, “Wrong got to go suck monkey ass” got me, too!

  13. Jesse in DC says:

    Pink hands eh? Motherfucker clearly does not work for a living… Unless you count scamming as work I reckon…Good job, well done, now, Back to the Fray!!

  14. Robert says:

    There is some lessons here..
    1.Not all of us live in the county you live in. In LA county, the outcome would likely be much different since evidence matters little and the word “Gun” causes them in LA to wet their pants.
    2. The method used by the petitioner shows (to me) Cowardice on an unprecedented scale.
    3. Kind of surprised your lawyer or the decision didn’t get thrown out in the first 5 minutes, the complaint centered on YOUR SITE, meaning she had to visit this place to herself to be offended.

    Who had to pay the court costs of this frivolous complaint? In CA were up to our eye balls in lawyers, someone has to pay them. In Texas, SHE would have had to pay because she lost, does she have to pay it here?

  15. RTinWeimar says:

    Bravo! And thanks for posting for all to see. And amazingly, the “System” isn’t completely broke yet.
    We’ll watch the vermin run and hide when the lights are turned on.

  16. Steve in Ky says:

    Good for you Kenny. Sammy is a fedgov patsy. Sucks to suck, poor fella.

  17. Hey Wirecutter,


    I am glad you prevailed.

    I wonder if ‘Special K’ and his zombies will ever divulged were the money went or did it get buried with Jimmy Hoffa?

  18. Peter says:

    Congrats, Ken.

    This was the second best outcome, the first being the two of them dumped out at sea somewhere. Actually, just Shrimpycakes: she just has really poor taste in puppies, um, men.

  19. Devil Tongue says:

    Congratulations buddy, I knew you were going to come out on top.
    Please rememder, I have a place in Bristol, VA if you two need a place during your move; a place to crash & save your cash.

  20. Odgreen says:

    A shout of joy raised the roof at the OD Green farm today! Kenny, we have been waiting for this post for awhile, it’s great to see how well documented you have kept it. Hahahahahaha!!!! Pink hands…….and EMPTY crossdraw holsters!!

  21. loaded4bear says:

    Congrats. I’m sure that’s a mighty weight off your shoulders. Even if you have ‘right’ on your side, the legal system can still be head scratching crap shoot. I’m glad it all worked out for you. Keep up the good work on your blog.

  22. “Testified that she and her husband live in St Maries, Idaho, and operate a martial arts school for children” (court document). so there was some honesty in the testimony, LOL. Is that about the Jedburgh Academy, or the “Fight to Your Weapon” “I’m not a martial artist” school? So now the question is what? Audit (U huh, sure), Election (Did they have one, and who are the new Board members and Officers? PS, I really don’t care ), Kerodin taking “executive action” (Imagine that, the same shit he was doing before we all resigned from the Board) to use IIIPSFA money for Oregon and where’s the short bus with all the donated Night Vision, commo, etc.that was specifically bought for the task of “Getting the truth out of Patriot situational hotspots” (OREGON anyone)? I know, I know….as he’s said over and over, “Don’t ask me no questions, won’t tell you no lies.”. The funny thing about all that is this. I stopped giving two shits if he did anything with that money or not around August. If the IIIPSFA smucks that have read this don’t care about answers, why should I, I didn’t give them any of mine (except for members discounts to my classes). I’m reminded of a saying at the Gulags that is very apropos concerning Christian “I can’t even make my wife feel safe” Kerodin. “You;ll live, but you won’t feel like fuckin’.” Well done Kenny.

  23. wes says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha, sammy3slice got his dick slammed in the door, AGAIN. Why am I not surprised.

    Been waiting for you to have the go ahead to share this info Wirecutter.

    I noticed those pink hands of his in one of the pics he had up on his site and thought there’s the hands of a guy that has never done an honest days work in his life. Shit, my kids have tougher hands than he does, for that matter the paws on our mouser cat are probably tougher than his hands.

    Special K, here’s the most I’ll extend to you, the mere thought of some pepto for that hearburn you must be feeling right about now, ha ha ha ha, hiding behind the skirt of your woman, ha ha ha ha, you must be really proud of yourself.

    What a dickhead

    Can I express that twice?

    What a dickhead.

    Congrats on the double win against the little puke Wirecutter.


    ha ha ha ha ha ha

  24. sunny225 says:

    Whoo Hoo! That’s a great outcome! Congratulations to you & Miss Lisa.
    And screw kerodin & his lying wife.

  25. Exile1981 says:

    Congrats. It’s nice to see the system work for once.

  26. lineman says:

    I’m sorry Brother that you had to put up with that…I’m sorry I trusted him to be a decent man and gave him a second chance…I’m ashamed I stood up for him and led people to him…Please accept my apologies for thinking bad of you…

    • Wirecutter says:

      Bro, why do you think I got involved with this? It was my way of making things right because of all the people I sent his way. I believed him, I trusted him and I backed him and by doing so, I endorsed him.
      There is no need for an apology, Sir.

      BTW, you jacked his ass up good over at his wordpress site about bypassing the board.

      • lineman says:

        I don’t think there is a board… If there is its ones that have been hand picked by him that still want to believe so bad that’s he’s the chosen one…He didn’t even post my last comment… Guess it wasn’t to his liking…

        • Wirecutter says:


          The one I sat on was handpicked too. He just happened to pick the wrong ones.
          He’s been very quiet since his last post at 9 AM yesterday morning. Maybe he’s realized the jig is up and is making a run for the border. I don’t care much where he goes as long as he leaves the Patriot community.

          • lineman says:

            I feel sorry him…He use to be liked or hated but now he’s just a laughingstock of the Movement…Sad That…

            • Wirecutter says:

              He did it to himself. Had the man stuck with writing about the Constitution and our grievances, he’d be very well respected. He was good at that, very good. But when you start building yourself up with outlandish claims, you’re asking for it. When you start screwing with other people’s money, somebody somewhere is going to start asking questions.
              He’s not getting a bit of sympathy from me, especially after hauling me into court.

          • Grandpa says:

            Yeah… it was nervous time for Lineman and I because of questioning him… he was gonna take a rusty chainsaw to us – sideways. I still got sore nostrils from the whiskey coming out of my nose after that one…
            Kenny, you messed k up with the truth. When they’re older, parts of this will teach my grandkids… be blessed.- Grandpa

            • Wirecutter says:

              AHA! You’re the Grandpa that was pissing him off. I saw that but wasn’t sure who it was until I just now saw your email.
              I was getting a kick out of you two giving him fits. Right on.

  27. pigpen51 says:

    as a relative newcomer to all of this, I have watched mostly from afar. I learned about Sammy the real racist when I first stumbled onto his site and saw the post about Muslims.
    I read this posting with interest, but I have to say, for me at least, the only pertinent item is the fact that a man used a woman’s skirts to hide behind. Speaks volumes about the kind of man he is, in my opinion.

  28. doubletrouble says:

    Congrats, man! Good story as well.
    Well done all around.

  29. gamegetterII says:

    Pink hands?!
    Office workers have pink hands,guys who sell insurance,etc. guys who don’t work work for a living have pink hands.
    You would think that guys who train in a “dojo” every day would have some callouses on their hands,all those rounds with a heavy bag,all that knife training,etc.
    No one I know has pink hands-they all work for a living.

    Now that you posted the court papers,wonder what will appear on his site about the lawsuit?
    Who’s behavior was really modified?
    Glad it worked out in your favor-that was low,trying to get your guns taken away and leaving you unable to defend yourself against armed thugs.

    I agree about the III society-no one who’s read this,JC’s story,and the stuff George Patton posted could believe the III society was 100% on the up&up-too many unanswered questions,and too much underhanded bullshit done to believe the III society is a valid patriot group/org.

    When you and MDT posted about this bullshit,it had to be the last straw for a lot of guys,it was for me,I had hoped the III% society could be saved,and that’s why I didn’t cancel my membership until I found out about this BS back in early Nov.

    • lineman says:

      Hey so did they pawn off the recipe book on you that was supposed to be completed last summer…Just one more thing they didn’t follow through on…

      • gamegetterII says:

        The cookbook idea was originally supposed to be for a fundraiser for another Idaho patcon.
        Once it became known that I had spent 20+ years as an executive chef,and I submitted around 70 recipes,the project became much more involved than just a small recipe book,partly due to number of recipes,and partly due to the possibility of turning it into a “real” cookbook-as in get it printed type of cookbook.

        K had nothing to do with the cookbook,that was Holly,Miss Violet,and myself.
        Holly was going to be the editor,and I was supposed to re-write all my recipes using proper English.

        After son in law died in April,I had no time to re-write recipes as summer is my busiest time of year,and Holly was busy in Idaho with whatever.
        By the time the fall rolled around,we had all the George Patton posts,etc. going on,and Holly and I just were not able to schedule the time to work on the re-write/edit part of project,and I had(now have)- a last chapter for the cookbook to write,along with recipes geared 100% to grid-down cooking for that chapter.
        Holly did help me out by sending me all the recipes I had submitted in spreadsheet format-the only thing I didn’t get is recipes others had submitted.
        I’ll still do the cookbook-with or without recipes from others,and the profits will go to the MKT project-since I fully support that,and feel that feeding people in any type of emergency/grid down scenario is a very important,and pretty much overlooked thing in the community.
        Anyone who thinks they’re going to survive by eating MRE’s and other “survival food” is in for a rude awakening if they eat that stuff for more than a few days,maybe a week at most.
        Same with eating nothing but beans and/or rice.

    • Just a Chemist says:

      I work in an office and a lab. I am weakened by years of pencil pushing and diabetes. But, due to my lab, my hands are not pink. They are off-white to grey. Don’t judge a man by his hands!

      • gamegetterII says:

        Yeah,but do you claim to be a martial arts ex spurt who has trained in a dojo every day for something like 17 years?
        Then as you work in an office/push pencils for a living,and are not a martial arts trainer,you get a pass for having pink hands,it’s job related.
        Martial arts ex spurts ,who are also martial arts trainers,who spend every day in a dojo practicing the martial arts ain’t supposed to have pink hands.

  30. ck says:

    kerodin is a turd in a punch bowl

  31. MasonDixonVixen says:

    Thank god! Glad it’s finally over and everyone can see what awful fucking people they are. High five!

  32. DD says:

    Several years back when Carret top and MVB were flaming each other, I saw through Carret top’s B.S. and wrote to him on his blog, telling him “I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire” quote/unquote. He asked me to not come out and play anymore. Forward to current time frame, little man is on fire, and I STILL wouldn’t piss on him!

  33. livin to ride says:

    glad it worked out the right way for ya…

    congrats man

  34. Sanders says:

    Congratulations, Kenny. I read Miss Lisa’s post this afternoon and went out to a nice German Restaurant and had a jagerschnitzel with red cabbage, spatzle, and a Bitburger Pils to celebrate for you. It’s the closest thing to gasthaus food I can find in the States.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Oh dear God, that sounds fantastic!!!! Real spatzle? It’s been 35 years…..

      • SemperFi, 0321 says:

        I had a Swiss lady make me some last year, just like my mom used to. Oxtails with thick brown gravy over Spatzle was my favorite meal ever.
        And what’s so stupid……. they’re so easy to make, some flour, eggs, and boiling water! Mom taught me how, I just never did it. Simple as pancake batter.

        • Wirecutter says:

          I know and you can buy the damned presses online. God, I used to order a plate of it with some tails and ladle gravy over it just like you described.

    • Now that is a great meal!!! I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Bitburger…das bier was my first German bier, drank on the first day in Bitburg city, on a weekend sightseeing foray in ’75! Great memories…the Kaiserslautern….the FOOD…man!

  35. Don says:

    Best shit I read all day:)

  36. Sarthurk says:

    Excellent job. Too bad you had to go through all that bullshit. I’m sorry to hear that folks of that low stature live in St. Maries. Oh well.

  37. drjim says:

    Great to hear this, Ken.

    Once in a while, justice IS served!

  38. The “Inbred Jedburghs” strike out again!

  39. partyzantski says:

    That you prevailed brings great joy to me. I appreciate what you do here, and the humor that you bring to topics. This sort of Lawfare is getting more and more common and in some cases has rendered what was once the respectable law a mere sulfurous whore.
    May you live a long life to see justice prevail in an ongoing fashion. While not often mentioned, your support structure of friends and family also get big kudos in this. America needs more Kenny Lanes, setting the example of not lying down for the designated grievance beat down.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Thanks, but I had a lot at stake here. I wasn’t all that noble.
      But thank you, and I do have a post scheduled for early tomorrow thanking my wife and friends.

  40. 55six says:

    Thank you WC, you have done this loose community an invaluable service. Hyman, if you read this, you are a weak little pussy of a man. I hope you fucking choke on an Idaho potato.

    Kenny, when you move to TN, I will come out and see you.

  41. Enigma4you says:

    I was very happy to learn of your victory, it helps me to believe that justice can be served and that the things we believe in have meaning. I have watched with no small amount of interest as you yelled the truth to all that cared to hear it.

    I and others are dealing with a similar nit wit in the Stolen Valor community and your victory give me hope that the truth can in fact prevail over stupidity. Thanks for staying the course

    • Wirecutter says:

      Send me the details on the Stolen Valor dude. I don’t care for them folks either. I’ll push it here, get some attention drawn to it if you want.

      • B Woodman says:

        If you want to follow Stolen Valor cases, go to E4U is a regular there.

  42. 55six says:

    Also, Sam will still tout this as a victory. He will claim that the goal was not necessarily to win, but to cause you grief. He “pulled a caper” on you and that he is the master of fucking with people. Just wait.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Sammy won’t admit defeat, I know that, but he was defeated. It cost him a hell of a lot more money in travel expenses than it did me to defend myself thank to my friends.
      Fuck ‘im.

  43. oughtsix says:

    Highest congratulations and laurels, Kenny and Lisa!

    Even the old man who’s sick with cancer, couldn’t be cowed, threatened or shouted down, had this bastard’s number and faced him down, repeatedly.

    Good on you for delivering the coups de grace… er, minus the grace! ;-)

    The loyalty to the III % ideal you misplaced in the Kowardly Kerr-odin, you more than validated in exposing him and admitting your mistake.

    Thank you, sincerely,


  44. JeremyR says:

    Congratulations. Justice has yet to be served, but this is a start.

  45. Matthew Wilbanks says:

    I knew I was saving that damn card for something!

  46. D S Craft says:

    Wait a minute. According to your attorney “…he said “Remember when I told you that everything you told me you said was protected Free Speech? That doesn’t apply to racism, asshole”.
    Racist talk most certainly is protected free speech. Even if you were a racist, and you’re not, what would that have to do with this lady and the idea that you’re stalking her? There’s a difference between being a racist and being a stalker. I’ve been reading your site for a long time and I’ve never seen anything that could even remotely be construed as a threat to anyone. The onus should be on those assholes to provide evidence from your blog statements that you are threatening them. Even if your offensive statements were limited to blacks only it seems to me that would still be immaterial to their claim. You’re free to be as offensive as you want as long as you’re not threatening anyone. Doing that may make you a bigot but it doesn’t in and of itself make you a threat. But you’re not a bigot anyway because as you’ve pointed out you’re an equal opportunity offender. I just don’t understand why your attorney said that; it seems irrelevant to me.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Any other time or place, that’s a valid argument but I was in a courtroom where there was a possibility of my losing my 2A Rights. California laws are becoming more and more restricted and I didn’t want to give the judge any more reason to piss him off.

      • D S Craft says:

        I hear what you’re saying and you did what you had to do, but that is just wrong. Call me naive but the case should have revolved around the law and the complaints the accusers had against you with regard to the law, not the judges personal opinion of you. Judges are supposed to be neutral and adjudicate based upon the dictates of the law. This crap really chaps my hide. But, congratulations on your win. And yeah, had I played it my way I probably would have lost. Still pisses me off though.

  47. MICHAEL says:

    KENNY CONGRATS. Glad it all worked out for you. sammy what a small boy hiding behind a woman’s lies.

  48. Lofty says:

    Watching this all unfold from afar, in fact at the arse end of the world, has not allowed me to understand the historical nuances, but I know an honest man when I see (read) one.
    Congratulations sir.

  49. tfA-t says:

    Glad it’s over for you. The system still sucks, but in this case, you came out in one piece. It must be pretty lonely up there in St Maries right about now. LOL. Pink hands…

  50. Jackhammer says:

    Nye-in case you didn’t know- is in their camp. Always has been. Now trying to infil a local militia up in Pa. A group he’d better be careful of.

  51. Soffitrat says:

    Get put of there! Tennessee will treat you right. Scumbags like Carolyn & Thang need to stay in places like D.C. It’s already full of them. They won’t be where they currently are too much longer. Those are good people up there, and the Kerodin’s are about to feel real unwelcome.

  52. J.B. says:

    Congrats, man. From a long time lurker, seldom commenter.

  53. Grandpa says:

    Actually, i think it’s 3 members… (the “iii”… lol…) because CalfMed is kay’s altered ego… hey – age and war gave me one, lol..
    p.s. by last count, you got almost a hunnert patriots partying happy tonight… may we all now rejoice in unity. We will fight for unity…lol
    “ding dong the witch is dead…” and her little dog, too….

  54. Scott Butler says:

    Good to hear, WC and Lisa, from your friends in western CO, Scott and Lisa…keep the faith!

  55. avordvet says:

    Kudo’s to ya, been following the ‘skirmish’ with interest from the moment MV started hammering away at K, glad you prevailed.

  56. Kenny, awesome news! I haven’t caught up on all the details, but don’t forget, if I can ever be of help, just drop me a line.

  57. WiscoDave says:

    Great! A man goes to bed at a decent hour and wakes up to find he’s mentioned in CA court documents.

    Glad for you and Miss Lisa, Kenny.

  58. Wrench says:

    Ahhhh…. the sweet taste of exoneration. As a former Kerodin “canning and preserving” student and low-level contributor, I have followed this with interest. I was very suspicious of these two for quite a while and after talking with some of the III Society members before all of this blew up, I was convinced these two were up to no good. They are as charming as they are diabolical. We all have to be vigilant in the patriot community for characters like these two who may take advantage of good people and cause untold damage to the cause. Thank you JCD and Kenny for exposing them.

  59. idahobob says:

    Good news! Most excellent news!

    As you predicted, the low life’s did not even show up.


    I just wonder how long it will be before they wear out their welcome, up north, in St. Maries.

    Deep sigh.


  60. B Woodman says:

    Congrats on your win over the Ks. They’ve been begging for a beatdown for a long time, and I’m guessing the best is yet to come.
    I have a couple of minor nits to pick, just for my own satisfaction. Please excuse, don’t take it personal.
    I consider myself a III-per, but after the manner of Mike V (Sipsey Street Irregulars). I have NEVER donated ANY money to the Ks, and don’t plan on it in the future either. I guess what I’m trying to say is that there are many flavors of III-per patriots, not every III-per falls into the K camp or condones their shenanigans.
    I have pink hands, but I don’t know if they would be considered soft or not. I have spent my entire life’s career as an electronic repair technician, including the 20 years I spent in Uncle Sam Ain’t Released Me Yet (US ARMY). So I would think the hands are not necessarily a good judge of character. But not looking at or acknowledging you, now THAT’s a judge of character.

    Again, thanks for posting this info for all to enjoy and be educated and entertained.
    And good luck in any and all future battles against the Ks.


    • Wirecutter says:

      And you work at an inside job that doesn’t demand callouses. No shame whatsoever in that – you work for your living. Kerodin doesn’t, he lets others work for his living.

  61. Dan K says:

    I honestly don’t pay attention to anything keodin is involved in, he’s a tool.
    But this event confirms my suspicions about him…and you! Well done and good job.

  62. TwoSixty says:

    Glad that’s over for you Ken.

  63. c.l. says:

    A big congratulations to you and Miss Lisa! I hope that someday soon Sammy starts reaping all that karma that he’s been accumulating…

  64. Max Damage says:


    P.S. I hope your lawyer was just kidding when he told you racism isn’t “protected speech” because it is up to the point it threatens violence. Not accusing you of being racist or suggesting you are – just making a point.

  65. outlawpatriot says:

    I’m extremely glad this worked out for you. I would like to hope that this is truly the end of everything in total. Time will tell I suppose. Regardless, congratulations. :-)

    • Tom Baugh says:


      Empty words which disgust me. You and others continue to patronize his site and have civil discourse when he could have gotten a innocent man killed if Kenny hadn’t kept his head.

      You want it to end? Then insist that it stops at the source.


  66. Peter says:

    I build computers and fix laptops. Do you think I could figure out how that pingback thing works?


  67. Samuel E. Hancock says:

    I am glad things worked out to your benefit. I stop by every day and you never fail to entertain with honesty and wit. I really believe that all dogs will have their day. Many will have regrets.

  68. Kelly says:

    Hearty Congratulations!

  69. Grog says:

    Congrats on being done with this.

  70. AlphaDelta says:

    The old saw holds true… behind every skirt there lies a pussy, which in this case, the pussy is a liar too.

    Congrats on your prevailing win, Mr. Lane! Keep speaking the truth.

    Ps. you’ve got one incredible wife. Very strong. You’re a very wealthy man.

  71. Light29ID says:

    Kenny, are you going to take down Bill Nye’s link for seeds or did he apologize for supporting that fucktard?

  72. kerf says:

    Wonderful news!! Congratulations!! It’s nice to hear that Truth, Justice, and the American Way can still prevail. I raise a shot of bourbon in your honor, sir!

  73. Dragon says:

    Good read, Brother. Glad to see that everything shook out well.

  74. Jeff B. says:

    Glad things worked out for you all. Glad and somewhat surprised to hear of your experiences in “the system”, again, nice to see it actually worked.

    I’m not sure why but one of the folks in this story never smelled right from the get go. Way back and before this. Not sure why, but sometimes you gotta trust your gut.

    Best Regards,

    Jeff B.

  75. Gator says:

    I had never even heard of this guy until I started coming to your site, Ken. But Ive enjoyed reading about this, even though I know its been a pain in the ass for you to deal with. I don’t understand how you can bring a RO type suit over a website, claiming its harassing you. You have to VISIT the other person’s website to view this allegedly harrassing material. If it bothers you, simple – don’t go to the website. I am in agreement about his motives though – i think this was nothing more than trying to get your guns taken from you by the state. You have fucked with him about that, several times, and I think being disarmed by the government/police he claims to hate is probably what gets to him more than anything. So, being a petty little man, he tried to have the same thing done to you with his wife’s bullshit. Thats pretty pathetic too, having your wife do underhanded shit like this because you aren’t man enough.

    How does this guy still have followers?

    • Wirecutter says:

      He’s down to a handful of faithful few.
      I firmly believe the RO was brought forth because I fucked with his money and this was just paybacks.

  76. MadMarlin says:

    Absolutely wonderful to read about the outcome and awesome to see the documents too. Can’t have any he said she said when the court documents are there for all to see.

  77. tayronachan says:

    “I may be in poor taste, but I make fun of everybody.” lmao!! Good to know you don’t play favorites.

  78. chillhill says:

    Hehe – after a couple hours reading, 3 flow charts and letting the dogs out, all I can say about your adventures with sammy and holly – thank the Good Lord you are free of their bullshit and were good enough to call them out so others wouldn’t be taken.

    God Speed.

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