An email from Mark at PNW Arms

Hi Kenny,

Expect a shipment of ammo of our new technology in February.

Been a while since we’ve sent you something that you can give out to your readers. Check this out below! We’ll also be offering 5.56 in once fired brass starting next week that includes our ground breaking nano-frangible technology that can be fired point blank at a steel target.

UV-XF-TRG/DTY Frangible Training and Duty Rounds

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 PNW Arms has some exciting products and technologies that they are going to bring to the market in 2016. To reach more people they’ve created a program that offers 40% off anything in their online store to sign-up to their email mailing list. It’s a small price to pay for a large discount code. Click on this link to subscribe and get your 40% off coupon today.

Our goal is to also let people see with their own weapon why PNW Arms produces the most accurate ammunition on the planet. As a writer for Harris Publications just said the other day, “it’s the best ammo on the planet that nobody knows about…”



Mark sent me several hundred rounds of his company’s ammo a couple of years back and I gotta say, it shot exceptionally well. What I liked was that the ‘practice’ ammo that he sent had the exact same recoil and handling characteristics as the tactical ammo that he sent, but at a greatly reduced price so that your practice ammo mimics your carry loads perfectly. In other words, you’re not practicing with standard loads while carrying +P loads in your pistol and that extra little bang and recoil ain’t gonna startle you.
And while I’m talking about his practice loads, they’re of such good quality and construction that I wouldn’t hesitate to carry them as my defense loads. Seriously.

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  1. screwauger says:

    Thanks very much. I subscribed. Not a 9mm round to be had. Oh well, maybe good deals in the future since they now have my email addy.

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