A Lesson Learned

My experience with the Kerodins has been both expensive and valuable. I’m out close to $2800 total between III Arms Company and donations to their dojo and IIIPS. The first I thought of as an investment, and as such I expected the money to be used specifically to get a firearms production company started. Start-up capital. Now, anyone with investment experience knows that start-ups have a very small chance of survival, let alone success. It’s a high-risk gamble, but there are certain times when the gamble is worth it, even if it’s not a monetary success.

With investments, you don’t always expect to see returns, but you do expect a certain degree of accountability and transparency from those to whom you’ve entrusted your money. With III Arms Company, it’s not that it failed, it’s the question of accountability on the part of the Kerodins, and their lack of openness with the Founding Members. We gave them money for a specific purpose, we would like to have a detailed accounting of where it went.

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  1. John h. says:

    Maybe one of those three letter agencies will get the hint and open an investigation? They visit ur site and Angels’ enuff that they cant claim ignorance, well, yeah the can, but not on this issue.
    John h.

  2. Sanders says:

    Kind of like the Wounded Warrior Project. They solicit millions of dollars and only about 5% actually goes to help Wounded Warriors. The rest of the money is for “administrative expenses”.

    But the money was given freely, and people’s consciences are assuaged and they believe they “did something”.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Most big charities are like that. The Salvation Army is an exception.

      • They are one of the few charities I give to. They actually use most of their money to help people.

        Goodwill is just using the disabled as slave labor so the head dick can get his 3 million a year salary.

    • Tricky Dicky says:

      Legitimate Non-Profit Charities are a BIG racket and huge money maker – and they have to file a form 990, which is open to public inspection. I got a free subscription to Guidestar and used it to research many local charities and non-profits, including many NGO’s (non-governmental organization). Form 990’s will show revenue sources, expenses, salaries, Board Members, etc. You will probably be shocked at what you discover is REALLY going on in your local Community. You can access Guidestar here: http://www.guidestar.org/Home.aspx

      The IRS also lists all tax exempt Organizations and their status – run a check on your local area – you’ll be surprised how many profitable charities there are…. often run by politically connected Insiders…. EO Select Check here: https://www.irs.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits/Exempt-Organizations-Select-Check

      If you’re kinda shady – these questionable charities are HIGHLY profitable. In Racine WI, there is even a County Supervisor who is a Board member on a non-profit BINGO cash-only operation! Geez – the guy always has wads of cash on hand…. and the City Assessor for The City of Racine operates a Non-Profit CHURCH which is not only tax-exempt, but EXEMPT from filing a form 990. It’s all hidden in plain sight…..

    • Wirecutter says:

      Yeah, we know about him.
      That Wench magazine took a dump before it got started – the RenFaire people saw right through him.
      On the second link, check out the glowing review, written by Holly or himself.

  3. Rob in katy says:

    I almost bought in, almost. I think when he started talk of building a citadel with “rules” it started sounding hinky to me. Sorry Ken, that sucks even worse that they fucked a buddy…ex-buddy.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Angel was more than a buddy to them, she was an ardent supporter. For that she got ridiculed and slandered as well as losing her money.

  4. Soffitrat says:

    This whole episode is sad. It’s what comes from people with evil intentions. To the innocent, I am truly sorry.

  5. ofaycat says:

    I don’t give money to anyone I don’t know and care about personally. Every other charity, I am sorry… can fuck off … I don’t trust any of them. And like most people … if you look in at your extended family and friends you will find those who need your monetary help. So “Charity begins AND ENDS at home.

  6. foodgrower says:

    The III, as a group, has gone through the painful process of self policing.

    I’m sure with the reduction in their revenue stream they are looking for new victims.

    What needs to happen now is for each of us to be on the lookout and when we see this particular group soliciting funds from new victims, share the details of this sordid story so they can avoid the same trap. This may involve watching for “new” supporters there and then seeking other social venues where those new supporters also participate because we all know that no truth shared in a post on any of special k’s sites will ever see the light of day.

    There will always be a few suckers that can’t be helped and a few, who due to their own internal demons, will be drawn to his false bravado but eventually the beast will starve as its sources of funding can’t keep up with expenditures.

    The other thing that needs to happen is have more cross linking to the posts about this fiasco but include tags like the III percent patriots in the title. This way the search engine bots will start surfacing these postings when folks search for things like patriots or III percent and so on.


  7. Your state attorney general’s office maintains a list of charities registered to solicit $$$ in your state. The list includes all kinds of very interesting data regarding the finances for all of them. Even my lowly local astronomy club is a registered charity. We’re required to show what percentage of donations are spent on program expenses, compensation, advertising etc. Your tax dollars fund the collection of this data so you may as well use it (it’s free) to help you with your charitable giving decisions. If Hyman or an alias is running a 501c3, those (public) records should already be available through state offices. If he’s running a legit charity it will be registered and required to file annual paperwork to maintain that status. If he’s running a questionable charity the Idaho AG might have an interest in that. If he conducts any kind of raffles or giveaways he may need to be registered with the state gambling commission as well.

    A free google search would have revealed Hyman’s felony extortion conviction five years ago or longer. For $5 you can do a public records search on just about anyone. Just for kicks, run one on yourself! Information is the most valuable commodity in the world. Get some!

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