III to III Work and Barbecue Weekend at Mike Vanderboegh’s

I received an email from Sunny about Mike Vanderboegh’s Work and Barbecue Weekend a couple of weeks ago and posted it with a request to remind me the weekend before so I could do another quick post. Well, she did and here’s your reminder.
Mike, as you all know, is dying. He wants to make sure that his property is left in good shape for his beloved wife, Rosie. This is your chance to help. If you live in the southeast, I hope you can make an effort to be there.
Here’s a cut from Mike’s post.

My apologies for waiting so late to brief you on the upcoming work weekend/barbeque (5-7 February) at the Vanderboegh place, but I have been increasingly struggling against weakness and pain. Here is where we are at the moment:
Thanks to generous donations that came in subsequent to David Codrea’s appeal, I have arranged for local folks to fix the garage doors (done), remove and replace the back upper deck and fix the back wall (in process) and to repair the back eaves and replace the gutter in the back (next in line).
This still leaves much to do in both outside jungle removal and inside organization and packing (books and papers that I am donating to the Vanderboegh collection at the Birmingham Public Library Archives), not to mention help carrying out the logistics of feeding those folks who show up during those three days.

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  1. sunny says:

    I’m hoping to be there. Trying to finalize details & such. If I don’t make it there I will definitely be sending prayers & cash for them. I really do want to help him/them & I very much want to meet Mike in person. I’ve read his blog since 2009 & am devastated by the recent health updates.
    I would like to meet any of you who can make it also.
    Thanks, Wirecutter, for posting this.

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