I bet that’s a cold windy motherfucker


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14 Responses to I bet that’s a cold windy motherfucker

  1. Maggat says:

    Putting the toilet outlet on the right had side there would sure save plumbing costs.

  2. Bill says:

    I’ll bet that sucked hauling all the materials up there to build that thing. Plus, no room to drive a Sky Track!

  3. Lazarus Long says:

    And …… don’t go outside to take a leak if you are in the clouds….

  4. PawPaw says:

    It’s a pretty good hike up from the parking lot, too. That whole scene screams Photo-Chop. The flag is a nice touch, though.

  5. bikermailman says:

    Mt Denali has something like that. Only it’s a tiny little cabin, with a tinier outhouse, and there’s no footpath heading up. Only way in and out is a helicopter. I ever win the lotto (what, ya gotta play?), that’s one of the places I’m going.

  6. Boone says:

    There are redlegs at Ft. Sill that dream of such sights.

  7. bikermailman says:

    Found the picture of it. Did a ‘flightseeing’ tour around Denali, over glaciers, little four seat prop job.

  8. Moe Hamhead says:

    “Honey, have you seen the kids?”
    “Yeah, they went outside to play, why…OHMYGAWDNO!!!!

  9. Crotalus says:

    Too green, sun too high… Where is this place? It ain’t Denali.

  10. Tennessee Budd says:

    Switzerland? My old eyes aren’t good, but I think I see the flag.

  11. Dan says:

    Swiss alps…..the people who live in the alps are hard core and crazy.

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