How To React To Burns

There are a lot of blog posts out there “suggesting” and “directing” a reaction to the Burns situation. They range from outrage to ridicule. Some folks that I greatly respect have called it an extreme sadness.

The conspiracy folks are out in large numbers, indentifying government snitches and calling the road block and arrests a method of getting the government assets out of harm’s way.

Some are turning LaVoy Finicum into a martyred saint.

Yet others are commenting that they wish the law enforcement community had taken different actions to end the occupation.

The remaining comments cover everything in between.

What do we really know?

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8 Responses to How To React To Burns

  1. Paw says:

    KJanuary 30, 2016 at 8:51 AM
    1) Please identify yourself – with the same name you use to post at WRSA and other sites.

    2) See our new post.

    3) If any of my lines are ever crossed, it will not be telegraphed here. Just ask Kenny. ;)

    • Wirecutter says:

      Yeah, he won’t broadcast to the world that he won’t hide behind his wife’s skirts like the little crybaby bitch that he is.
      He won’t broadcast to the world that he’ll run to the cops when shit gets rough for him because of his mouth.
      Fucking coward…..

    • ” If any of my lines are ever crossed, it will not be telegraphed here. Just ask Kenny. ;)” I think he meant If any of my lines are ever crossed, I will have my wife try and fail to use the court system to send a message that the courts tell her was not only unfounded, but unwarranted. The only thing telegraphed on that site is his call for everyone else to “do something” while he collects his “Patriot Welfare” checks as the head of the “III Shit Army”. Just sayin’

  2. Gator says:

    that looked like suicide by cop to me, but it would be better to see it from another angle and with sound. Yes, it could have been handled a lot better. Cut off power, water, and not allow entry to the building, wait them out. This entire occupation was retarded. And them leaving in a vehicle like that was about the most insanely idiotic move Ive seen. What did they think would happen?

  3. Dan says:

    We need to look at this ‘occupation’ event with a view to history, specifically Waco and Ruby Ridge.
    Those two events showed that the federal government has absolutely zero qualms about murdering citizens. They will do whatever they desire including changing their ‘rules of engagement’ to facilitate the desired outcome.

    That means that the moment Ammon Bundy and his associates entered that refuge their fate was sealed. The government of any and every country simply cannot allow anyone to oppose them openly, blatantly and most importantly while armed. The only memorable exception to that rule
    was at the Bundy ranch in S. Nevada a couple of years ago. The feds walked away from that confrontation for the simple reason that there were too many witnesses, cameras and guns that they didn’t control. The choice was made to back down for PR reasons….not tactical ones.

    In the Burns case things were different. The location was more remote….the government was able
    to isolate the actors keeping witnesses and cameras out of way. The only choice the government
    really had to make was how long to wait before acting. The occupiers removed that problem by
    leaving the refuge they had taken over. First by driving to town where some were arrested and then by driving to this ridiculous ‘townhall meeting’. By leaving the Malheur refuge and doing so
    lightly armed in multiple vehicles they made themselves vulnerable. The feds KNEW where they would be and when. It was childsplay to arrange the ambush seen on the video…and make no mistake about this…it was an ambush, not a roadblock.

    Lavoy Finicum was not targeted specifically….he was merely the first and most convenient target
    of the ambush. This action was not just an ‘arrest’….it was a message. A direct blatant and clear message from the federal government to ANYONE contemplating any act of resistance to their authority. Oppose them and they will kill you….with no hesitation, no regrets and no consequences to doing so. They shot Lavoy Finicum full of holes for the very same reason that LEO shoot on average 18 dogs a day EVERY DAY. Because they can. It’s the same message. Just as they can shoot poodles with impunity they can shoot citizens with impunity. To them there isn’t really a difference. THAT is the ultimate take away from this event. To the federal government and it’s hired muscle anyone or thing that opposes them or inconveniences them is to be arrested or eliminated….period. So unless you have the military resources to take on and defeat the governments informal army of federal LEO agents your incarceration or death is a guaranteed outcome of any act of defiance.

    • pdwalker says:

      Because there is more of you then there is of them. As long as they can keep enough people afraid from acting against their control, they can and will continue to rule.

      No one wants to be the first to stand up, or the second, because they will die as an example to others.

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