Another “Aw Fuck” moment in time

Fuck, even I know you don’t pull a stump or a boulder downhill.

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7 Responses to Another “Aw Fuck” moment in time

  1. Rob in Katy says:

    I am not sure up-hill would have made a difference they way it shot off.

  2. po'boyrick says:

    Z drag or snatch block rig it and you wont ever hit your vehicle. Never pull like that straight from the piece. Saw a winch cable cut the top off a deuce and a half when the cable broke during reforger in 1989. He got off light only busting a window.

  3. Dan says:

    Further proof that there will never be a shortage of stupid on planet earth.

  4. tfA-t says:

    Spend a few minutes exposing the far side of the roots and cut the feeders. Notch stump, cable and tug. Stump will hinge and lift without launching. Done it a thousand times.

  5. pdwalker says:

    actions have consequences, who knew?

  6. Elmo says:

    It would have been cheaper to hire a stump grinder, and a lot easier on his differential.

  7. Leonard Jones says:

    Someone failed their high school physics classes. Something under a
    lot of tension can become a missile once it breaks loose!

    One of the funniest industrial accidents I ever heard of involved a coworker
    of mine. He was on a field job working on a cooling tower. The gearbox is
    horizontal input – Vertical output. The output shaft has a hub with what looks
    like large propeller blades. He chased the threads at the top of the shaft and
    inserted an eye-bolt.

    All went well until the wind caught the blades and started unscrewing itself
    from the eye-bolt. Imagine a few tons of steel falling from 3-4 stories up.

    Bob ended up with a new nickname after that: Helicopter Bob.

    He did get on the ground in record time though!

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