As I laugh my ass off…..

Full story and a picture of the reporter (and tits) he was referring to HERE

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13 Responses to As I laugh my ass off…..

  1. Don says:

    Met her in person in Baltimore she had blond hair here but hey she’s got nice tits

  2. singlestack says:

    What’s with the white people leading a black racist organization? That’s kind of like a black guy being a grand wizard in the klan.
    And yeah, she has nice tits.

    • ccwardjr says:

      Yes they are….. Of all the leaders of the NAACP I have seen, they all have lighter skin than I do.

  3. AlphaDelta says:

    Yep, Monique’s sure has got a helluva set on her but, the real whiny bitch is – Ray (((Stern))):


  4. partyzantski says:

    As odd as it may be, it is possible that he is suffering from some sort of brain tumor. It is not unknown, it does happen. It was comedy gold, though.

  5. gamegetterII says:

    Yeah,nice tits-when I clicked the link,I thought it would show tits-since this:
    (and tits)- was in the link-not tits hidden by a dress.I bet that’s a nice lookin set of tits in a bikini top-or just the tits with no bra and no bikini top.

  6. Ed says:

    Nice Tits! ;)

  7. Steady Steve says:

    Well he was right about her tits.

  8. Miss Lisa says:

    Ok boys and girls…the lesson was NO N words, NO T words….repeat it back to me, all together now…hahaha… sugar tonight for that dude….his wife is pissed! lmao!

  9. pdwalker says:

    Hey, is there any man alive who doesn’t think “nice tits” when he sees a pair of nice tits? I mean, even though they were covered by a dress, I thought, “yeah, those are nice tits”.

    Fortunately, my bozo filter usually catches me saying those things before I actually say it. Ok, only sometimes.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hell, that is a compliment, what are people angry about ? “Nice mammalian protuberances” just doesn’t sound right.

  11. Jack Crabb says:

    Donald Harris is a dipshit. First of all, he is the head of a local NAACP chapter and he’s white? Second of all, he claims that calling a black person a nigger is wrong but he seems to think saying “Nice tits.” on the air is cool?

    Hey Don Harris – EABODADIAF.

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