Glenn Frey dead at 67

Angel just told me that Glenn Frey of the Eagles died today.
That’s fucked up. I actually appreciate his and the Eagles’ music more today than I did back when they were popular.
I’m sorry to hear about his death.

Miss Lisa and Angel both are playing his tunes today in his memory.

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  1. Angel says:

    I was 10 the summer Hotel California came out.
    Didn’t have a clue, but I loved it.
    Still do, and Glenn was always my favorite.

    • Miss Lisa says:

      When this album came out, we lived in Japan, my best friend at the time, LeeAnn Parkinson and I played this thing over and over again on her record player, at full throttle…absolutely could NOT get enough of it…knew the words by heart by the fourth play I think….it just got in our blood and I guess never left…I often wonder what ever happened to LeeAnn…she was a doll…funny how the music stays with you long after the people are gone. I was in 7th grade…getting ready to head back stateside….memories…

  2. griffin says:

    The Glenn Frey and The Eagles are a favorite memory of a simpler time in my life..middle school, high school. Girls and and ‘Takin it easy’..’Hotel California’ and so many more.
    Rest easy entertained generation’s..and will continue to do so.

  3. James says:

    Damn,first Lemmy,the David,now Glenn,the world of rock is taking some hard hits it seems lately.I was not a huge Eagles fan(saw em free in Golden Gate either 1979 or 80)but appreciate their music and Joe Walsh along with his excellent production skills.

  4. kennymac says:

    It’s a stark reminder that our generation is on the front lines of meeting our maker.

  5. Anonymous says:

    One of the great 70’s – 80’s bands, the Eagles were very cool. I’m sorry to hear of Frey’s passing on, the wrote and co-wrote some great music.

  6. CC says:

    Part of the soundtrack of my life.
    RIP Mr. Frey.

  7. First heard them in 72 when I was working the fields during summer break. Loved them ever since.

    Everyone seems to forget that one of their best guitar players was Don Felder.

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