Oh yeah, that looks much nicer

much nicer

Actually, I think she’s trying to make a strong statement but she may have gone a little overboard if you ask me. I had my ex’s name covered with a black rose – I got it covered and got my point across at the same time.

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2 Responses to Oh yeah, that looks much nicer

  1. SunwolfNC says:

    That was probably cheaper than the laser treatment to have the original removed… still tho.. wtf.. hah.

  2. D S Craft says:

    I know nothing about tatoos. Don’t have any, never been in a parlor, know absolutely nothing about them (and I’m in my mid 60’s) Do they not have ink that’s at least somewhat flesh colored (I know, whose flesh?)? For that matter, why do tatooed blacks get tatoos that are dark colored so you can barely see them? Why don’t they use light colored ink? Well, I guess it doesn’t exist, but why not?

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