That’s why it’s called Wonder Bread


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  1. nonncom says:

    Funny, we always used our bread in the same way….I guess we just didn’t know we were poor….

  2. H says:

    Is how I was raised, pretty much.

  3. tom@drum says:

    Not necessarily poor, but that’s still the way I usually do it today. More lazy I guess.

  4. Angel says:

    We were too poor for Wonder Bread.
    That was for special occasions.

  5. BaconLover says:

    “The best thing since sliced white bread” my father used to say that a lot. Just about as often as he said I was as “Graceful as a hog on ice” Where did the old folks come up with all those little ditties?

  6. 26ncreb says:

    Dam that’s exactly what my hamburger buns looked like at lunch today.

  7. Brian says:

    Been there, done that.

  8. Curtis says:

    Yep. Goes well with fried SPAM slices and Mayo too.

  9. Chris C. says:

    Still use bread for either hot dogs or hamburgers most of the time. Except now I use rye bread because I like it better. And my father, as much as he loved me, would occasionally call me “Captain Crisco”. I made the mistake of asking him why, and he replied, “fat in the can”. And, yes, I still am.

  10. Heathen says:

    Yep, only it was “Bunny” bread. Too poor for Wonder.

  11. Dale Smythe says:

    My Mother baked bread as a kid, but we eat sliced bread once in while. I remember eating sliced bread and water gravy before school many times.

    As a kid, I thought we were shittin’ in tall cotton eating sliced bread, but I always went back to baked bread.

  12. real spark 21 says:

    Oh how times have changed. …this is how I grew up as well. Contrast that to my youngest who through a fit when I didn’t even think to get hit dog buns this weekend and made them out of a slice of some multgrain bread my wife bought. Lesson taught.

    When I was young we only had got hot dog buns if we had a Sunday park cookout with church.

  13. oldawg says:

    Sliced bread is a great multi-tasker.

  14. ColdSoldier says:

    They forgot the “Fold-Over”…when you use one piece of bread because you dont have enough filling for a whole sandwich.

  15. Salt and pepper sandwiches…

  16. JSW says:

    Lard spread thickly on two slices of home made bread and sprinkled with salt and sugar, wrapped in wax paper and carried to school jammed into a brown paper sack so wrinkled you know it was from grampa’s WW1 lunch.
    And hell to pay if you didn’t bring the wax paper and sack back home.
    Wonderful way to grow up- and we never went hungry.

  17. Leonard Jones says:

    My entire “Yout” was spent eating this universal bread. My mother was
    a WWII baby, born in 1939. She was taught to cook by her depression
    eramother. We ate more crap on a shingle I can remember. She even
    made it out of ground beef. Same milk based gravy but with ground
    beef in place of the chipped beef. I wish I had the recipe, it was
    quite good.

    A meal would consist of this hamburger gravy over toast, with a big
    ladle atop some mashed potatoes. Potatoes were very cheep then.
    I used to groan every time my mom sent sent me to buy them.
    3/4 mile slough back from McCoy’s Market in Long beach with
    (4) 10 pound sacks (5 when they were on sale.)

  18. Heathen says:

    “Lard spread thickly on two slices of home made bread and sprinkled with salt and sugar, …”

    What no onion?

  19. mark r says:

    Never eat anything but home made bread, except at a friend’s house, till I was in junior high.
    Also, I still get a craving for bacon fat spread and salted on a thick slice of home made bread, probably why I had a heart attack last June. But I will die happy.

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