Wirecutter – The Retirement Years


I know in my heart it’s not going to be true retirement, I’m going to have to get at least a part time job but for once in my life I want to find something that I like to do, you know? All my life I’ve worked at jobs I didn’t like or outright hated because jobs around here are so scarce that if you have one, you keep it. Fuck, including the army I’ve only had 5 jobs in my entire life, and only two in the last 35 years.
Yup, I’d love to work in a fucking bait shop or something.

I remember about 20 years ago I was in Gun Country and there was a young guy there behind the counter that was fairly new. I had seen him once or twice but never had any dealings with him but he seemed like a nice guy, very courteous and cheerful as hell.
So I’m waiting at the counter and he comes over with a smile on his face. “What’s up with your happy ass?” I asked in a joking manner.
He looks around and half whispers “Dude, I’m working in a fucking gun shop!” and then he reaches down and pinches a bruised spot on his forearm, waits for a second and starts grinning again.

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14 Responses to Wirecutter – The Retirement Years

  1. tfA-t says:

    That picture has to be Detroit.

  2. Colesdad says:

    go to fishermans landing in SD. I worked on the Shogun for 4 years. 5 to 30 day trips fishing the rev’s and clipperton. Never got rich but that was not the point. 25 thousand live sardines and two monterey bay aqaurium collection trips a year was. Plus the white sharks at gudelupe.


  3. Colesdad says:


  4. tfA-t says:

    I’ve been retired for 11 going on 12 years now. It’s over-rated. When I finally grow up I’m gonna do something. I like sleeping in, and racing…

  5. Jason says:

    You could always work in a gun shop, get yourself am armorer’s license or whatever is required. You work on enough firearms that should be a breeze for you.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’ve got a misdemeanor marijuana conviction from 1987. I never bothered to have it expunged.

      • Jason says:

        Maybe you could start a hot eradication business. Get yourself a nice 6.8 SPCII AR and whore yourself out to killing hogs on people’s properties. You might have to pick up some thermals and night vision though.

  6. Sarthurk says:

    I worked in a gun shop in my early twenties. It was fun, but it paid shit, and I had to give my paycheck back to the store because I couldn’t resist the the employee discount. So off to the lumber mill I went.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’ve got a buddy whose son works at the local BassPro. He’s in his twenties but still lives at home with mom because he blows his check on his employee discount. He may still live with mommy but he’s got the best in bows and hunting rifles.

  7. Miss Lisa says:

    Honey I forgot to tell you….I already told Dennis what hours you would be available….he is gonna keep you during the week, and send you home on the weekends…Dragon Leatherworks….here he comes!!! : P I love ya darlin.

  8. Gator says:

    I know a guy thats a retired E7 in the coast guard, works at the gun desk at an air force base exchange. He likes it. It pays only a little over minimum wage, but he works with guns and actually enjoys his job. Something can be said for that. He may not get paid much, but he actually likes his job. More than I can say.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I had to get a windshield rock chip fixed this weekend and was charged $20 for five minutes of work that only required a customer to drive up and submit the vehicle. There was one car ahead of me and another drove in as I was driving out. Easy home business if I ever saw one. No wrenchin’ required, and very little start-up capital needed.

    I live in an area that has very limited fishing opportunities but has oilfield workers up the wazoo. I thought a catfish farm there would bring in good business (customers with money to burn and not much to do). Yeah, have to feed the fish, but excess fish would feed you whenever you wanted.

  10. Alex Lund says:

    Hello wirecutter,
    I can understand you with that sentence about hating Jobs.
    Last year I worked for one month at a Call Center for a telecommunication service and provider where the trainers told us that they really liked their Jobs and every morning they left the house saying: “Now I go to my great and fulfilling Job.”

    Either I am ill or normal, because I do not have this Feeling or never had. I would have no problems staying at home and diddling with my roleplaying and boardgames. (OK, If we had something like the 2nd Amendment here in Germany you could find me every weekend on the gun range, because I really loved the smell of firing of a gun. I was in heaven when I fired this lovely MG-3. And before any Feds or german Police have some nasty thoughts: I did this during my time in the German Air Force!!!)

    So long story short: Till today I have found no fulfilling Job. And remembering that in every Job I worked in, after a maximum of two and a half years I suffer from Bore-out and Burnout at the same time!! (May have something to do that I was never able to leave Callcenterjobs. Once your stuck at this kind of Job you cannot leave. Even the gravity of a black hole can be overome. But not the Mantra: Once a callcenteragent, always a callcenteragent.

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