I wonder if that Sheriff is laughing now

A federal judge has approved settlements totaling $3.6 million to the parents of a toddler who was severely injured when a flash grenade detonated in his playpen during a 2014 raid.
The settlements were announced Friday by Mawuli Mel Davis, attorney for Alecia and Bounkham Phonesavanh.
The judge signed off on three settlements previously reached with three Georgia counties: Rabun and Stephen counties for $1.65 million and $964,000 with Habersham. A settlement was also reached with the city of Cornelia for $1 million.
‘We have worked diligently with our co-counsel to obtain the best possible result for Baby Bou Bou and his family,’ Davis said in a statement.
‘What we achieved will not fix what happened or take away the nightmares, but we hope it helps them move forward as a family.’
Bounkham ‘Bou Bou’ Phonesavanh was 19 months old in 2014 when deputies serving a warrant tossed a flash bang device into the home where they thought a drug dealer was staying.
The device landed in the toddler’s playpen and left him with serious injuries to his face and chest.


I remember when this first happened, during the initial interviews with the press the fucking sheriff had a silly ass grin on his face while denying that his department did anything wrong or was negligent in any way.

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11 Responses to I wonder if that Sheriff is laughing now

  1. Timbo says:

    Probably still has that silly ass grin – cause it ain’t his money.
    Until the perps are punished, nothing will change.
    …but I’m preaching to the choir

    • Elmo says:

      Dittoes to the previous comments. That poor kid is going to be living with the consequences of these idiots’ screw-up for the rest of his life.

      • Elmo says:

        Ooops. Didn’t mean to make that a reply, just comment #5. This story gets me so worked up I can’t focus. Sorry.

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      Beat me to it.

  2. singlestack says:

    Until these gangs of thugs start paying a personal penalty for crimes nothing will change. I expect it to get worse.

  3. John h. says:

    Family still has to pay ALL the med bills from day one an lawyers get 30%. So u guess how much that leaves for the kid. Assuming, his family doesnt go out an buy a mansion and a few porsches!!


    John h.

  4. ChuckN says:

    And yet not a single one fired.

  5. Tom W. says:

    I saw and remembered the post initially at WRSA and here. Well done jack boots, I hope his silly ass grin remains with the little voice in his head saying we fucked up. Sadly it’s the taxpayers that foot the bill, a garnishment of Officer Assclowns would be more fitting. Did any of them get fired?

    Probably not.

  6. Mr says:

    Tax payers on the hook for the Warriors war damage.

  7. Jefferson Paine says:

    They way I understand it, the counties or sheriff’s or whoever, just appeal until they win or just find some other loop hole to avoid paying. Supposedly, a settlement isn’t necessarily a payday

  8. DAN III says:

    Taxpayers fucked again.

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