Sammy just can’t catch a fucking break

Karate enthusiasts Brian and Glenda Thie will offer free karate classes to anyone interested in the discipline.
Mr. Thie and his wife first became involved in the community when he was hired as the prosecuting attorney for Benewah County last fall.
Mr. Thie said he and his wife are both black belts in the discipline, first becoming involved in karate with their boys. When the boys graduated and went onto college, the couple stuck with it.
The classes are offered every Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Heyburn Elementary gym. The class features traditional Japanese karate training under the umbrella of the International Shotokan Karate Federation.
Individuals ages 10 and older of any skill level are welcome. The classes are family friendly and adults may also participate.
Mr. Thie said he and his wife started offering the classes in December and now seek to get them started up again following the holidays.
“It’s a lot of fun and we encourage people of all ages to come and give it a try,” Mr. Thie said. “We just really enjoy doing it and is our way of giving back to the community.”
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Sammy moved up to Idaho and opened up Spartan MMA in a town of 2400 thinking he could make a living/supplement his income from that. In court, Holly said that their clientele were children – it’s in the judge’s decision HERE.
And now a couple are offering classes in Karate for free undercutting Sammy’s income.

Not only that, but these folks are offering classes under the umbrella of the International Shotokan Karate Federation, an organization I know nothing about, but I’m willing to bet that if their name is attached to it the instructors had damned well better be able to prove their skills and credentials instead of being vague and using insinuations and general descriptions as their credentials like Sammy does on his MMA page.


Fuck, I’m still trying to find out what world hotspots he’s traveled to when he has never even mentioned leaving the United States in any of his posts anywhere.

Wanna hear something else that’s funny? When I got the link and text, I broke down and paid a dollar for a one week subscription and hit their search box, entering “Spartan MMA”, and got absolutely nothing on the return. What??? No grand opening news or anything at all? I’m assuming that with a population of under 3000, the paper is a weekly publication. My town also has a weekly publication and you can damned well be certain that any new business openings or anything even remotely newsworthy would be printed. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me next time I open my local paper to read where Mrs. Jones’ beloved cat was run over.
So a couple that’s decided to share their skills and knowledge with youngsters at no charge gets a write-up, but a business doing the same thing doesn’t even get a mention….. I bet that frosts Sammy the Media Whore’s ass.

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23 Responses to Sammy just can’t catch a fucking break

  1. Jay says:

    were his world travels pre-felony conviction?

    • gamegetterII says:

      Probably post,as in took place in his mind as he was reading the Coutland Grojean novels checked out of the library in the federal penitentiary.

  2. Jesse in DC says:

    For Sale: 1 whole dojos worth of BRAND NEW equipment, including cross draw holsters, and cute lil blue guns… Contact Sammy “PinkHands” Carolyn, or his mean ass wife…

  3. Grandpa says:

    …you know as well as I do that what is inability that screen capture right there reads like a page from a Cuntland Girljeans novel… “serious martial artists…” “old school, combat-effective techniques” “a pilgrimage” “broken sternum” “weather condition” “full speed beakfalls on concrete” “especially proficient at engaging multiple attackers” “missing only two days on the mat in a 17 year period”….
    C’mon, man. I know some of the best operators that this country has ever produced. Force Recon, Delta, Rangers, SEALS… it really is a smaller fraternity than you might think. Yes, at this point in history, a few thousand are scary fuckin good… but… absolutely none sound like k. Among ourselves, breaking shit off and fucking around, sure. Among the uninitiated? Professional competence so quiet you wouldn’t know, other than to think “fuck, that ol’ guy is made out of stone”.
    Every single thing about k screams “imagination”. Like all of the pretenders, he needs to really get right with God and hope he never is “face to face” with the real deal… because he’s right – it will be ugly. “Real” ugly.

  4. N. Idaho Gal says:

    I worked out of St Maries for most of my career. It’s a logging town. Beer drinking yes, Spartan MMA or karate

  5. danielkday says:

    I wonder if anyone has ever run down one of the guys that did time at the same time as Kerodin and gotten their opinion of him.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Okay, Kerodin did not do time in the true sense of the word. He spent his time at what real convicts call a kiddie camp. Absolute minimum security. No walls.

  6. Bugs says:

    Think about that: Missing only 2 days on the mat in 17 years. While… on a nearly 2 decade coast to coast pilgrimage seeking out… the best, of the best, of the best bestest. Those 2 days must have been spent being trained by former SOF to rock climb and rappel… and learning much by such men. And in all this time, how in the hell did he find time to to earn a paycheck with his martial skills in world hot spots and across the country?

    I still get a kick out of this:

    • Wirecutter says:

      Well, ya gotta admit he is an energetic li’l fucker.
      I laugh every time I see that damned picture. There is just so much wrong in that one image – Kerodin teaching that it’s okay to turn your back on somebody, Holly posing like a cover girl, Sammy’s crossdraw holster, and then there’s that damned belt he’s wearing.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if Sammy was laying on a pile of dog shit.

      • .l.. says:

        Looks like she’s pissing on his leg.
        “Ok, now in THIS position I’m helpless because I’m too fucking fat to do a sit-up”

      • Bugs says:

        Sammy’s next move is so obvious. Assuming he is even a tiny-bit limber enough. Of course, with his vast years of experience, he should be able to grab his left foot on the inside, with his left hand, while extending his leg… at the LEAST, that his extended leg, while holding his foot, would place his foot directly in line at eyeball level.

        But then again, what’s-her-face next move is obvious too. The position that she is in, is not it. Hell, I’ll tell you what it is… she need to sweep her left leg, under his leg to the right, in a roll, to her left shoulder, and then yank on his foot. It should be one swift move.

        • .l.. says:

          No, the image would never leave me!

          • Bugs says:

            No. Although that would be interesting. Just imagine her in the same position, but on the inside of his leg (see previous comment), thighs wrapped around his leg just above the knee, then yanking on his foot/ankle, while thrusting the crotch forward, back backwards. It’ll dislocate that knee just like that. Assuming Master Sammy was smart enough, he’d just roll with her, eliminating that sit-up from on his back, and just grab her in a head-lock.

            Master Sammy’s best option is to just kick up that left leg, or bring the knee up and kick out at the back of her ankle. Either way, roll with her and put her in a headlock or just grab the eye sockets.

            Anyhow, it looks like he is saying… Look! She’s got me! Ooh-Ooh!Tap-out!”

            Meh. Frikkin Sammy.

            • Wirecutter says:

              You’re assuming a lot there with Sammy being smart.

              • Bugs says:

                Yeah. The benefit of the doubt went out the window a long time ago. He really could have had made something of that venture. If, he had played it smart, and sincere. But, it was never about the cause. It was and is always about Sam.

  7. Danny says:

    OK, couldn’t resist. I went to his site, only 1600 hits, how long has it been open?
    And quite the schedule, 2 1/2 hours a day, three days a week.
    Must have quite the enrollment to make a living.
    And, I guess he never heard of spell check, with today’s technology having spelling errors on a web site shows down right sloppiness.
    That would stop me cold right there.

  8. Don says:

    maybe he did some hvac work in southeast dc or west baltimore got his lilly white ass out alive and considered that to be a hot spot

  9. pigpen51 says:

    I have been in world hot spots myself. I vacationed in Miami once, the temperature hovered at about 90 degrees the whole time. Talk about hot. From everything I have seen about the ferocious leader of the new movement, that is probably the type of hot spot he is talking about.
    Also, I hardly think he is qualified to be the leader of a good bowel movement. But then, I am entitled to my opinion, and I think he is full of shit.

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