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JC Dodge has a great post up about Patriots using Facebook. Before I throw you the link though, I want to caution you that this goes for ALL social media.
If you are talking about what you are doing on FB or a fucking blog, you’re done before you even got started.

Yes, I have a FB page. I use it to share in my granddaughter’s life and to harass my sister-in-law. I occasionally throw in a Fuck You post about the government, but that’s it.

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  1. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    Most of us have commented on this and other blogs, some post pics like Kenny or Max do, and others cringe over breaking persec, but the way I see it; they already know who every single one of us is, they have address and pics thru Driver Lic, VA and whatever other cards they wish to look up. So, either get the fuck off the internet, or face the fact you’re already compromised. If you continue to stay on the internet, don’t make threats or post compromising pics, and live/die with it.

  2. mohaverat says:

    I check you out everyday and have you on my blog list but I ain’t commented in awhile except to wish the Mrs. well. My best to you and your family Ken. the Rat

  3. Kim says:

    my FB is for keeping up with family and friends 0 not much more to it – i find it very annoying

    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      Funny, almost every person I’ve talked to who is on FB acts like they do it under duress. Nothing like standing up for yourself and being your own boss…..right?

      • Wirecutter says:

        Actually, it is kinda sorta under duress – I check in there about once every three or four days and only because most of the people I stay in touch with there use it as their only means to communicate online. Neither my mother, my sister-in-law nor my granddaughter use email for some reason – I think FB is easier with their smartphones.

  4. AC says:

    You shouldn’t use the tools they have provided to feed them multiple streams of conflicting bullshit. That would be mean.

  5. I haven’t checked my FB account in a month. It’s most;y populated with family (I’ve got a lot of cousins). That and friends from different times and even a few old girlfriends (Makes the wife happy). I put nothing about prepping or anything patriot related on there. Too many ears as they say.

  6. Timbo says:

    At a friends insistence, I opened a fb acct about 8 -10 years ago.
    Last time I went there was 7.5-9.5 years ago!
    In that 6 month period, all these people came out of the woodwork that I hadn’t seen in a very long time. If I haven’t seen you in a very long time – there is a reason!

    And I can’t stand that little faggot zuckerberg.

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