AR 15 Accessories Do’s and Don’ts

I caught a pretty good series called AR Accessories Do’s and Don’ts last night. It’s not professionally done, looks like some guy in his shop with a camera, but he’s got a lot of good information.
The first in the series of seven episodes is about 10 minutes long with about 2 minutes of him talking about his credentials and background. The other six were between 8 and 20 minutes long and in each of them he talks about 3 different accessories how they should be run. He covers a lot of different things, everything from slings to those stupid fucking 45 degree iron sights. Myself, the only shit I got hanging off my carbine is my optics, my iron sights and my flashlight, but it’s still interesting to watch.
Check ’em out when you get a chance. Watch them, listen to what he says and think about it, but in the end do what works for you. Here’s the first one:

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9 Responses to AR 15 Accessories Do’s and Don’ts

  1. GunMonkey says:

    Great video! Too bad my AR15 got lost in a tragic boating accident.

  2. griffin says:

    I will never understand why you take a lightweight rifle and add so much shit to it. If I wanted a 10-15lb rifle I’ll carry my M1A.
    Before I lost my AR in a tragic concrete accident it only had a rail mounted Surefire light, a front grip and tritium night sights.

  3. =T. Wrangler= says:

    He makes some good some good points.

    In the interest of keeping costs down I opted to split the difference on some upgrades- enhanced BCG, barrel, trigger, YHM gas block w/ HK style flip up front sight, Magpul stocks and rear sight.
    A short rail at 6:00 on gas block allows mounting a Streamlight TLR2.
    QD convertible 2/3 way sling mounted only when necessary.
    Chambered in 7.62X39, as I prefer it to 5.56.
    This is a general purpose, rather than an all-purpose or special-purpose carbine.

  4. Roger says:

    Thanks for the link!
    Being a newbie AR15 owner, this and the other videos will be invaluable.

    BTW, I won the rifle (a DPMS Oracle) in a raffle. I’m still in shock. I never win raffles.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Check out the gun tech category here. It’s mostly handgun shit, but there should be some AR posts in there.

      The only raffle I ever won was at work for a pair of 49er football tickets. I don’t watch football. I immediately swapped them for about half their dollar value in 5.56.

  5. ed357 says:

    What the hell…..

    We can legally own military assault weapons? ;->

    • James says:

      Stupid 45 degree iron sites?!WTF!I use that set up,realise,you can set up a scope and iron sites on rifle same plane,that said,never personally met a setup like that that has worked for me.I really like the 45 pop ups and the more unobstructed view I get with them.I will admit,still working on the transitioning but got em pretty well zeroed in.Even a quick dismount base takes a few seconds to remove,hopefully never a issue I need to do but if needed my iron is ready and does not catch anything folded down(actually nothing caught with em up as I work with them a lot).I can also with time permitting(thats important)with a dime remove and set em on rail/have the numbers figured out in storage grip handle,really pretty much the same zeroed if mounted on same rail spot at top.

      That said,good videos and weight still under 10 pounds with scope/sling/sites/light.

      Ed,they are only a military assault weapon if used by the military!

      Stupid 45 degree sites?As a man keeps saying”Only in California!”My guess is the state of California has also determined said sites are known to cause cancer!

      • Wirecutter says:

        Those kind of sights puts the rifle in an unnatural shooting position and doesn’t allow for a consistent positioning of the weapon necessary for accuracy.
        If I need a rifle with a scope, I’ll bring a rifle with a scope. I cannot imagine a realistic scenario where I would be engaging targets at over 300 yards and inside 25 yards at the same time.
        Plus they get hung up on shit.

  6. James says:

    Eh,works for me,and,they do not hang up on anything,at least yet,walk em in pretty good brush here in New England hills,transitioning is a learning curve but am now comfortable with it,went out today after first post,some days not working actually pay off! Things get challenging may only have one rifle,hence,need it all(on each of em!).

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