50 Caliber ring of fire

50 cal gif

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  1. Ken check out my post on the cracked sig sauer on my blog thingy

  2. QuietMan says:

    I was shooting a steel plate match some years ago using a Browning High Power. I hit the first plate and it shook a little bit and scooted back. Hit it again when the “WHOOOM” next to me was followed by a ring of fire headed downrange. I looked over and the guy next was shooting one of those things. I went back to worrying the plates and finally annoyed them enough that they fell off the boards. Meanwhile he was still shelling the backstop. He finally hit one. It flew off the board and landed on the backstop. When the racket died down, all my plates were lying on the ground under the board, all his were firmly embedded in the backstop, and I had a loud noise flinch that lasted for a week. Good times.

  3. pdwalker says:

    That’s a lot of unburnt powder leaving the barrel.

  4. ExpatNJ says:

    Is that a Desert Eagle? Sure looks like it. Friend has one. Now I know what it looks like when it’s fired.

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