Oh man, that had to have smarted

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  1. Hey Wirecutter,


    I believe its personal choice if someone wants to wear a helmet or not on a motorcycle, but for that shit on a skateboard.
    I would have worn full leathers, full face helmet and whatever else exists in the way of armor in the motorcycle world.

    I would have looked like the ‘Michelin Man’ bouncing down the side of the hill.

    • J- says:

      Dude, I’m with you. 30+ MPH on asphalt is still 30+ MPH on asphalt, doesn’t matter if you are being powered by gravity or a V-Twin. And skin on 30+ MPH will behave pretty much the same way regardless of what got you moving that fast.

  2. seagypsy says:

    Well, at least he SCRUBBED off a little speed before he went ass over teakettle off the side of the hill.

  3. johnny says:

    More balls than brains.

  4. Mike says:

    They don’t make band-aids big enough for what he did to himself.

  5. dumbplumber says:

    Back in the 70’s a friend of mine took a header boarding down a paved road on Mt. Shasta. Oh yeah. Didn’t break anything but it took him 4 months to get the scabs off.

  6. Timbo says:

    I go watch those guys race in the summer – just so I can see that kind of shit!
    (Kinda like car racing – everyone goes for the crashes!)

  7. whynot says:

    YEAH!! this is why I’ll always have a job……….

  8. rightwingterrorist says:

    title only.
    no picture.

  9. JeremyR says:

    Darwin honorable mention?

  10. Katya Mullethov says:

    Followed by 63 1/2 feet of tassajillo , cholla , and opuntia . I can see a bunch of opuntia pads at the roads edge .. Of course he probably wont even feel that with two broke arms and no teefers

  11. Dan says:

    That had to have somethinged but ‘smarted’ is probably not the best adjective.
    People like that is why I don’t have to worry about unemployment….though I
    do admit to being an accessory to the crime of clogging up the gene pool filter
    by helping nimrods like this recover and survive long enough to breed.

    • .l.. says:

      Pros and cons….
      Cons: well yeah, there’s injury and perhaps certain death but isn’t all death certain?
      Pro: That kind of…..brazenness helps pioneer, say, parachutes! It takes the likes of him to jump from a perfectly good airplane and we have awesome ‘chutes today. And bungie jumpers! Without them, the field of rubber wouldn’t have grown in Leaps and Bounds! Can you say “ribbed for her pleasure”?

  12. mark says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    No WAY anybody could have seen that coming!

    Dumfuck should be castrated so he don’t breed more like him.

  13. pigpen51 says:

    I was almost too scared to even watch that. I did something similar on a bicycle when I was about 13 years old, going down a long hill, of course, no helmet. I hit a road closed sign at the bottom of the hill and things got less fun from there. It took me most of the summer to finally get rid of the scrapes and cuts, but back then we just shook it off and went on. I won’t forget the feeling of flying over the handlebars when the bike suddenly stopped and I didn’t. I swear I thought I missed the bottom board of that barrier, but it must have moved at the last second and grabbed me.
    I bet most of us my age are lucky to be alive after some of the stuff we used to do. No wonder kids today need safety zones.

  14. Antibubba says:

    There’s a price you pay for speed. He paid it.

    But if it didn’t kill him or maim him, he’ll brag about those scars to his grandchildren until his dying breath.

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