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That’s not something I’d be advertising

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Understanding your AR trigger

This is an outstanding video that explains how the Single Stage and Two Stage triggers work in an AR. The cut-out receiver lets you see what he’s talking about, his fucking hands aren’t in the way and he explains everything … Continue reading

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And Angel goes for the pass!!!

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Stabbed with a flagpole? Daaaamn…..

ANAHEIM, Calif. (Reuters) – Four people were stabbed, and one of them critically wounded on Saturday in a scuffle between members of the Ku Klux Klan and counter-protesters near a planned KKK rally in Anaheim, California, police said. Thirteen people … Continue reading

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Making charcoal

It’s obviously from a primitive lifestyle website. I can think of better ways to break sticks than with a rock.

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True love

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When you have nothing better to wonder about…

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Teach a man to fish…..

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Mississippi says “Fuck ’em”

JACKSON — UPDATE Friday: Bryant spokesman Clay Chandler tweeted an updated Proclamations page, which now includes Confederate Heritage Day, as well as Vernon Dahmer Day, Irish Heritage Month and Ronald Reagan Day—but no Black History Month. Two weeks before the … Continue reading

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I’d rather die first

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What??? That li’l bitch is still alive???

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Gotta trust Doc

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Been All Around This World

Up on the Blue Ridge Mountains, there I’ll take my stand Up on the Blue Ridge Mountains, there I’ll take my stand A rifle on my shoulder, six shooter in my hand Oh Lord, I been all around this world … Continue reading

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I’m thinking Angel was in the red car

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Why we are so devoted to our dogs

Because they are so devoted to us. Which brings me to this picture. I need to dump it, but for some reason I can’t just trash it. When I first saw it I thought “What a stupid fucking question” but … Continue reading

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Stupid fucker

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The day it snowed in California

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It’s been a rewarding two days off

Yeah man, me and Lisa and the dogs went up to the hills last evening and spent the night at her cousin and her husband’s cabin up in the lower Sierras. I should say I spent the night – I’ve … Continue reading

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Nice doggie

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