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And now you know

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Too new looking, needs a few dings and dents

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Well, that was easy enough

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Yeah, I don’t know…

I don’t understand any man that spends more time on his hair every day than he does drying his balls. Sorry.

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“Please don’t shoot me”

In Daniel Shaver’s final moments, he was heard pleading for his life — sobbing and saying to police officers, “Please don’t shoot me.” Shortly afterward, Shaver was shot and killed by one of them, according to an investigation report from … Continue reading

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We all have our crosses to bear, son.

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Somebody’s getting laid tonight

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Must’ve been a Monday

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So, no driverless cars in California then?

Volvo’s North American CEO, Lex Kerssemakers, lost his cool as the automaker’s semi-autonomous prototype sporadically refused to drive itself during a press event at the Los Angeles Auto Show. “It can’t find the lane markings!” Kerssemakers griped to Mayor Eric … Continue reading

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To Serve…..

The cops raided my wife’s pediatric practice looking for a fugitive, last week. Actually, let’s put the word “fugitive” in quotes. The story is an eye-opening tale in itself. It’s also a glimpse at how business-as-usual in courts and cop … Continue reading

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You don’t say

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If I had a daughter…..

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From the rest of the train: “FUCK YOU VEGAN!!!”

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Yeah, you’re fucked, kid

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Angel – The Early Years

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Another “Aw fuck” moment in time

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Happy Happy!!!

Today is me and My wife’s 4th wedding anniversary. Yup, married 4 years ago, but she actually saved my life a year before that. She saved me from a drunken stupor and a downhill slide within a week after meeting … Continue reading

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Wirecutter’s Used Book Sale Pt III

Okay, today we’ve got a real treat – a subject near and dear to my heart – gunfighters and cowboys. BIDDING INSTRUCTIONS HERE One of the reasons I love the subject so much is because my great grandfather was second … Continue reading

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Miquel got a hard lesson in religion and life today

Yeah man, I was walking into my favorite neighborhood liquor store for a sixpack of relaxation and all of a sudden I heard all kinds of yelling and screaming coming through the open door. It’s a good thing they were … Continue reading

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Fucking drama queen

A man committed suicide Wednesday morning at a Target in Fontana, apparently with a self-inflicted knife wound to his torso, according to the Fontana Police Department. Surveillance video shows the man walking into the Target in the 15200 block of … Continue reading

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