If I had a daughter…..



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  1. Steve in Ky says:

    Ok my 4 year old is named Zola and Miah is 2. Zola and Miah are jumping on my bed while I brush my teeth. Zola says “Lets play Zombies!”
    Miah lifts her arms says in two year old english Brrraaaiiiiinnnnnsssssssssss. Pushes Zola down and bites her so hard on the shoulder that blood is coming out and a chunk is cut off thru Zolas shirt. While Zola is screaming, I am trying to help while not laughing, Miah hugs her and says Sorry.

    Another day I come home from work and go say hi to Zola in her room. She is playing in her old three story used barbie house. There is a barbie leg ripped off, and tied with a little rope hanging in the shower. I ask her why. She says ” Because I am evil.” Then just goes back to playing.

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      Tell me about it, Steve.
      I’ve got 3 little barbie head ripping, gut pile playing, viking zombies that I’ve got to contend with.
      What have I done?

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