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This is for everybody that says by voting for a third party I’m wasting my vote.
Y’ll got a fine choice of candidates this time around, don’t you? And you can’t even use the argument that a liberal president will appoint a liberal justice to the Supreme Court this time around – Obama’s gonna appoint one before he leaves office.
Vote Libertarian. It’s not perfect and there are some things in their platform that I disagree with, but it’s the closest thing to Liberty that I can find.

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  1. dumbplumber says:

    Oh yeah, a vote for the Libertarians is a vote for Hillary. Get a clue, buy a vowel.

  2. Woofman says:

    I agree with the libertarions.. Gary Johnson is the best chance to get our country back back from the profession politions. With will still have to deal with the embedded professional bureaucrats.

  3. lovekillsu says:

    Lets just hope they make the ballot in all 50 states this year (yes i signed the petition in my state)

  4. rocketguy says:

    The one place I struggle with capital L libertarianism is open borders. I understand the concept but it’s unrealistic in real life – a nation without borders isn’t a nation. Do we really want to be drug down to a world-wide average?

    Otherwise, agreed. The Free Shit Army and zero personal responsibility crowd will never let it happen.

  5. Sunny says:

    The platform sounds good but if Gary Johnson is the one running for prez, I just can’t do it. There is something seriously off with that guy. YMMV

    • Leonard Jones says:

      Your apprehension is warranted. The dirty little secret about the Libertarian
      party is that they share the EXACT same worldview as the radical left and the
      Anarchist movement; Abolish the military and police forces, unilateral nuclear
      disarmament, legalization of drugs and prostitution, etc. A quote by one of the
      founders of modern Libertarian movement stated that the “Acid test of ones
      libertarian credentials is support for NAMBLA.

      I find it very hard to take any group seriously that advocates screwing little boys
      in the ass constitutes a civil right. We have been through this crap before with
      Perot, who was a well known leftist pal of the lesbian in the Mao Jacket that is
      likely to emerge as the Democrat nominee for 2016. That gave us 8 years of Blow-
      job Billy and false populists like Michelle Malkin and Michael Savage and other single
      issue zealots that gave us 8 years of the Kenyan communist.

      We would have had a communist free White House since 1980 if people had not
      been convinced that Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bush (The elder) and Robert
      Dole were no better than the Fellow Travelers they were opposing. Sorry,
      NOBODY can make that assertion with a straight face! The last chance for the
      republic is to elect the most conservative candidate in the filed.

      If you think things will be worse with Trump, Cruz or even Rubio, the lesbian in the
      Mao Jacket is champing at the bit to make another 3 supreme court appointments.
      With a stacked supreme court and a single extra constitutional executive order
      involving 20,000,000 illegal aliens, it is ADIOS AMERICA! Think before you
      vote this time around.

      • Wirecutter says:

        A quote by one of the founders of modern Libertarian movement stated that the “Acid test of ones libertarian credentials is support for NAMBLA.

        Excuse me? You’re not at all familiar with what Libertarians stand for, are you?
        We believe in not interfering with other’s business as long as it’s not interfering with somebody else’s Rights or safety. Last I heard molesting anybody doesn’t fall into that protection.

        • Leonard Jones says:

          What I am referring to is the beliefs of what is called the Libertarian Vanguard,
          the radical wing of the Libertarian movement. Those words were verbatim
          from one of the founders of the Libertarian movement. To this day, the
          party still refuses to disavow the nuts in their organization.

          The quote can be found in Libertarianism: The Perversion Of Liberty by Peter
          Schwartz. My first misgivings about the Libertarian party came while watching
          a three way debate between a Republican, a Democrat and a libertarian
          nominee in the early 90s. I had long known that they favored the legalization
          of prostitution and drugs, but while he was on these subjects, he was a frothing
          at the mouth zealot. There was something just a little too radical about the guy!

          I then discovered that the roots of the party were disaffected leftist radicals,
          who abandoned the Marxist economic model because they believed it to
          be the only flaw in an otherwise perfect political system. By embracing
          free market economics, they claimed they were the genuine “Randians”
          in the political arena. Marxism is a turd even when the economic elements
          are removed!

          Research the history of the movement, and especially read their views on
          the military, nuclear disarmament, etc. it is indistinguishable from the
          radical left!

  6. Robert Evans says:

    If Obama makes a Supreme Court nomination, (which has to be voted on by the Senate before he or she is confirmed) there will be pressure on both Trump and Cruz to publicly indicate who they would nominate, to give the Senate a notion of whether Obama’s nominee should even be considered.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Nominate – you are correct, it was late last night when I did the post.
      Do you have faith in Trump or Cruz to nominate somebody? I don’t.

      • Robert Evans says:

        I read somewhere that Trump considers his sister qualified to be on the Supreme Court. Don’t know how much credence to give it.

        Obama will have to make a nomination before Trump or Cruz will get any pressure to say who they would pick; it might even become an issue in the campaigns, as various persons named by Trump or Cruz publicly indicate whether they would serve or not.

        For example: Obama picks former Attorney General Eric Holder, who is a racist and gun control advocate. Senate Majority Leader McConnell then announces that Holder’s nomination won’t be considered, and the Senate will wait for the new President to make a nomination. Cruz immediately announces (for example) Alan Gura, who argued the Heller Vs. DC gun rights victory. Gura gets immediate support from the NRA, and Cruz gets a boost in the polls. Everyone immediately looks at Trump to see what he has to say. Who knows? If the pick isn’t as good as Cruz’s, Trump will suffer a bit in the polls.

  7. Angel says:

    As I answered wirecutter’s comment on my Reagan post, there has never been a “perfect” politician, a “perfect” platform. The closest we ever came was in the birth of this country. Now there is too much power, too much money, for a truly “pure” candidate. All men are corruptible, given the right amount of time and pressure.

    That being said, I’m still willing to cast my vote for the Libertarian candidate. Probably the best option. People trying to scare/shame voters from voting their conscience “A vote for Libertarian is a vote for Hillary”, are one of the biggest barriers to a viable 3rd party candidate. Aren’t you curious how man “I’d vote Libertarian, but” people there are out there? What if they all voted Libertarian this time?

    Your options, or so it would seem, is Hillary, some brokered candidate of the establishment Republicans either as the party nominee or as a third party, and the Libertarians. So, Hillary, Cruz or Trump, and possibly Romney or Rubio brokered. If Trump or Cruz is nominated or comes close, you know the establishment is going to push Romney or Rubio. Given that much splintering of the R’s, maybe the dark horse takes the lead on the outside. Yeah, I’m still voting Libertarian.

    • CC says:

      Angel, I’ve always thought G. Washington was the best president, mainly because he didn’t really want the job.

  8. Doyle says:

    With you on this one; I’d like to Gary Johnson added to the debates after the primaries are sorted out. I don’t agree with everything on the platform (or have qualifiers, anyway), but the same holds true for the RINO party. I do believe that the size of the federal government is the greatest threat and impediment to the future of the country, and filling seats at top levels with libertaria-leaning candidates is probably our best shot at reining it in. I don’t expect the Presidency to go that way this election, but getting enough votes to make the party eligible for the same matching funds that the two Big Govt parties receive would pave the way for future victories, as well as getting a little household name recognition going.

  9. Open borders are for PEACEFUL peps- they must prove they are so. Kinda keeps towelheads the fuck out…

  10. Sam F. Youte says:

    The only way to fix this cluster fuck of a political mess is laissez faire capitalism . However , the ” dindus ” & “free shit crowd ” will never go for it , let alone understand the meaning the aforementioned word . Altruism is killing this country like a parasite to it’s host … Ayn rand was right ! ….. So was my grandfather when he used say ” break their dinner plates ” . Meaning you don’t work you don’t eat . Hunger is a great fucking motivator ….

    Demo-rats or republickans … dog shit or cat shit … Take your pick .

    Who is john galt ???????

    S.f.y Out

  11. MM says:

    We have a 2 party system. Like that or not, that’s the way it is. Maybe the Republican Party isn’t touching all your bases(they sure as hell aren’t touching mine) but if you’re going to tell me that there’s no or very little difference between the 2 parties, you’ve got some screws loose.

    And you’re not happy with the front runner in the race? He’s got the GOPe saying they’ll go 3rd party and throw the race to Hillary rather then see Trump win. Isn’t that telling you anything? He’s the one person directly addressing the nightmare of both legal & illegal immigration and our trillion dollar+ trade imbalances. He constantly talks about protecting the 2A. He wants to bring jobs here and of all of the candidates, he’s the only that has, yaknow actually created 10s of 1,000s of jobs.

    And Gary Johnson is the L guy? Christ on crutch.

    You’ve got the knowledge on me hands down WC when it comes to weapons, but you’re politically naive. A vote for Gary Johnson is exactly the same thing as voting for Hillary. EXACTLY. In CA, it appears you can be politically naive as the Ds will sweep it anyway. But in close states, and I’ve seen this time and time again, voting for what your perceive to be your principles gets people elected who are 180 degrees from where you stand.

    Don’t I read you constantly bitching about the illegals and what they’ve done to your neck of there woods? I left CO for exactly the same reason yet the Libertarian Party advocates fucking open borders. Are you fucking crazy? Right now 61 MILLION people here are immigrants or children of immigrants. We are losing our country to this onslaught and you’ll vote for that shit? Unfuckingreal. It’s happening right in front of your face and you shrug it off.

    Don’t sit on your high and mighty, get down here on earth with the rest of us. A Hillary presidency really is the end.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I hear it every election. If you think voting for the lesser of 2 evils is okay, more power to you.
      And if you think there IS a difference between the two parties, you’re the one that’s naive. It’s all about power and control and nothing more.

      • MM says:

        Well, I don’t come here WC, for political discourse. The videos you’ve linked to recently about ARs have been fascinating.

        I’ll leave it at that.

      • Doyle says:

        One of the things I saw last election cycle that made quite a bit of sense to me: if you’re tired of the “two sides of the same coin” system we have now, and live in a state where your vote is essentially wasted paper (California comes to mind, with those 55 electoral votes that only come in one shade of blue), you’re better served by throwing your ballot toward that third party and getting them enough recognition to solidify support and attract the disaffected from *both* of the other parties if future years. The Libertarian party still has quite a few members who are waaaaay out there with their thinking, but more mainstream voters becoming involved should help to dilute that element a bit.

    • CC says:

      Gotta ask yourself, which candidate is getting fired on from both parties, with much more vehemence than the two parties ever go after each other.
      Could it be that candidate will shake up the “bad business as usual” crap that we’ve had from both parties for decades?
      Or has the whole damned process become nothing more than theater?

  12. rayvet says:

    Vote libertarian for a pacifistic military. That’s their weakest point.

  13. ed357 says:

    The Conservative’s hero Ronald Reagan was an “outsider” like………


  14. Sam F. Youte says:

    MM ,

    “He constantly talks about protecting the 2A. He wants to bring jobs here and of all of the candidates, he’s the only that has, yaknow actually created 10s of 1,000s of jobs. ”

    Rog-o ! I will say this about trump , if he runs this country like his business … Game on . I gotta take the man at his word fwiw anyways , besides as hildabeast would say ” what difference doe’s it make ” ? At this point ….. Interesting times where living in for sure .

    Here’s the bottom line , it doesn’t matter who’s in charge at the local, state or federal level . I know where my natural rights come from & i gather you do to . As long as your philosophical foundation is solid as a constipated hound dog’s turd , no one can sway your mind or fuck with you . After all , your mind is your church as thomas paine once said . There is a battle for the mind being waged as we all know .

    We all have the right { constitutional anyways } to vote for whom ever we choose , however voting can & doe’s have sever consequences ,case in point the empty suit currently residing in the white house , or the political shit storm in Ca . Ever heard of nicolae ceausescu ? Look what happened to him & his ol lady after 40 + yrs of tyranny , look him up on youtube. The people finally had enough of his shit … Human nature never changes only the technology . Just saying …

    I’ll tell you this man , i don’t know what’s gonna happen .. But i’m gonna have my kicks before the the whole shit-house go’s up in flames ! – jim morrison .

    As this country continues to ride insanity’s horse into the proverbial shit-storm be prepared to take the necessary steps to protect your family , property , neighborhood & community if need be .

    I’ll leave ya’ll with this thought .

    ” The foundations of capitalism are being battered by a flood of altruism , which is the cause of the world’s collapse ” .Ayn Rand .

    Who is john galt ?????

    The chair is against the wall ….

    S.f.y. out

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