Too new looking, needs a few dings and dents

393-geek singles 14

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8 Responses to Too new looking, needs a few dings and dents

  1. That is some nice work. The center boss on the shield has been spun shaped and not dished out but the mail appears to actually be drawn and riveted links which is impressive. And time consuming. Itching work looks good from what I can see.

  2. Granny says:

    Instant Viking kit. Cool

  3. rightwingterrorist says:

    You must’ve just got done watching this weeks episode of Vikings.

  4. JNorth says:

    Nice, that reminds me, anyone know a good smith to see about getting a couple bearded axes made?

  5. idahobob says:

    Must belong to one of the geeks in the SCA.


  6. emdfl says:

    Played at making mail when I was in Saudi. Not “real”, just 12ga wire X 3/8 rounds that were linked, alternating copper and aluminum. Made a set of Red Sonya “bikini” mail for a friend. It sure helped the time go by. Got a friend who used to do the real thing – full sets of plate with mail under-layments.

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