Nice gar


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12 Responses to Nice gar

  1. po'boyrick says:

    My buddy is responsible for polluting a lake with those nasty mean fuckers. Dumped his fishtank and they grew huge and decimated the local native fish.

  2. crazyeighter says:

    “Nice” and “gar” are words you seldom see in the same sentence.

  3. Timbo says:

    ….ya got thar!
    Sorry, couldn’t help it.

    …and Teri Garr? Big crush on her!

  4. Mike says:

    At the head of that Alligator Gar is Bubba Bedre, and that is on the Trinity River where he is a well known guide for Gar fishing. Several Alligator Gars close to or over 300 pounds have come out of that river

  5. Harry Steele says:

    photoshopped… look at the size of the guys foot/boot lower left of pic.

  6. rightwingterrorist says:

    Damn good eating.
    Pain in the ass to clean.

  7. BWBandy says:

    Where would you even find these? Nothing like this where I am.

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