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Oh, so that shit DOES work both ways

The hottest Broadway ticket in town is shooting down accusations its casting is racist. “Hamilton” got some blowback Wednesday after releasing a cattle call for auditions with specific age and race requirements. The trouble started with an open casting announcement … Continue reading

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Well then, that’s your own damned fault

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Why the AR-15 Is the Greatest Rifle Ever

Innovative. Accurate. Incomparable. Hated. Loved. Modular. Rugged. Versatile. Controversial. Throughout its evolution, the AR has resisted simple or conclusive adjectives. The innovators working on the latest iterations of the platform are taking it in even more surprising directions. MORE -Woody

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That’s been pretty much my theory

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Well, she certainly seems friendly, doesn’t she?

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Prepping 101

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Oh yeah. Hot.

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At least Angel took the ‘Down’ escalator

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And now you know…

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Okay, I have been to a Poetry Slam before but…

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Fucking Okies, man…..

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Ah, secondhand shops…..

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Yeah, ’til you start sweating in them

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Definitions – Glove, gloves

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Used Book Sale Pt II

Okay, yesterday’s book sale went over very well, a lot better than I thought it would. All books were sold and not only that but for more than I thought. What surprised me was the amount of offers I got … Continue reading

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Best intervention scene ever

I laughed my ass off when I saw this episode. I’m pretty sure the facilitator never expected a group session like that.

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If you see something…..

A dog whose name “Dash” sounded too much like the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State jihadist group prompted a security scare at a California bank. The alarm was raised after Dash’s owner Bruce Francis, who suffers from multiple sclerosis … Continue reading

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When your favorite program was The Addams Family

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Gently used

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