Wirecutter’s Used Book Sale Pt III

Okay, today we’ve got a real treat – a subject near and dear to my heart – gunfighters and cowboys.

One of the reasons I love the subject so much is because my great grandfather was second cousin to John Wesley Hardin and also related to Mannen and Manny Clemonts. I remember Gramps telling me about how Wes Hardin bounced him on his knee (“just like I’m doin’ you now, boy”) when he got out of the joint in the 1890s.

Enough of that. First up is the Historical Atlas of the Outlaw West by Richard Patterson, 1985, 232 pages, no dust jacket. Notable moments in western American history by state and town in alphabetical order. Really, it’s a great book. If the events weren’t cross referenced in so many of my other books I wouldn’t get rid of it.


Next up is Guns and the Gunfighter from the editors of Guns and Ammo magazine, 234 pages, 1975 (1982 edition), no dust jacket. A collection of gunfighters and their guns and even better, a section devoted to shooting impressions where modern day gunwriters fire the old gunfighter’s models of weapons and evaluate them.
I first read this book when I was pulling CQ in the army and it flat out hooked me on the subject. So why am I selling it? Because I stole the fucking copy I was reading on CQ that night, dummy. Why do I have another copy? Fuck if I know.DSCN2718


Okay, next we have Frontier Ways by Ed. Dale, 1959 (1985 edition), 265 pages, paperback. The subtitle says it all ‘Sketches of Life in the Old West’. This book covers culture, food and water, entertainment, and all the other things we have romanticized notions about and tells you just how fucking hard life on the frontier really was.


Dust To Dust, JJ Gaddy,, 1977, 159 absolutely fascinating pages, paperback.
This book is a compilation of obituaries of famous gunfighters from the times when they were killed. The language and mannerisms of speech is one of the things that I loved about this book and when you factor in the absolute disregard of political correctness, it’s a winner.


And finally, Trail Driving Days, Dee Brown and Martin F Schmitt. 264 pages with 299 photographs. This book flat out kicks ass. I can’t say enough about it, it’s that informative and a pleasure to read.

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2 Responses to Wirecutter’s Used Book Sale Pt III

  1. A Texan says:

    I’d rather rent the Good Morning Girl below. :>)

  2. Doug Walker says:

    Cool about being kin to John Wesley Hardin. My wife’s great grandma was a cousin of Cole and the other Younger brothers, and through Coles illagetament child, was kin to Belle Star. Of course, being kin to Cole and the boys, she also knew Frank and Jesse. Some of the tales I’ve heard that were passed down through the family. Doug

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