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It must’ve been a shocking experience

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How not to hold a dog

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Afternoon titties

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Angel – The Early Years

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The day the cows came home


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Go ahead and lean on in, son. Nobody will blame you.

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For those with soft pink hands

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Sammy’s battle dance

-Grandpa Look, is that a little dick on that pest?

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Gotta be California (again)

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Uh-oh, I’m fucked – or will be if I ain’t careful

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Your Good Morning Girl

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This could get interesting – not that I care anymore

The Los Angeles Police Department is bracing for a long weekend of political demonstrations following the California arrival of GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump and boisterous protests in Orange County. In the aftermath of clashes at an appearance by Trump … Continue reading

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John Wayne the racist

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — What a California lawmaker intended as a benign resolution honoring a late, world-renowned movie icon exploded into an emotional debate over decades-old racist comments. The state Assembly defeated the official ode to John Wayne Thursday after … Continue reading

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Feeding the Bear

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Looks like a COCKleburr to me

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Tennessee lessons I’ve learned so far

I’ve only been here a couple of days and I’m already seeing adjustments I need to make. Allow plenty of time to get to where I’m going. Just because the road is driveable at 50 mph, doesn’t mean that’s what … Continue reading

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