Sammy needs to seriously work on his IFF protocols

Because from the time this post went up at 1:53 PM (according to the screenshot and 8 PM last night I got no less than 19 emails and/or comments alerting me to this – and one reader was even kind enough to send me a screenshot so I wouldn’t have to go there myself. Thanks, Mikel.
I’m thinking a lot more readers go to his site to see what kind of bullshit he’s spewing than for any other reason. Cheap entertainment, you know?

But I gotta tell you, Sammy sounds like he’s slipping his sanity judging by this post. Are we finally getting to him mentally or is it because he’s going broke after the IIIPS membership deserted him in droves when we asked questions he refused to answer, then brought a restraining order against me and then tried to get JC fired from his job using a false name and outlandish accusations.
Is the pressure of no friends, no income, and no credibility getting to him? Maybe it’s the realization that he doesn’t know who to trust.


Let’s start with the 3rd sentence of Sammy’s writings. HALLELUJAH AND PRAISE GOD, he finally admitted that the money sent in is his income. His income, not donations to fund this that or the other thing, it’s his fucking income. Why, that fraudulent motherfucker. I thought I donated money to the Short Bus, not to pay his fucking bills or to take Nervous Holly out to dinner.
Isn’t soliciting online donations for one thing and using them for another wire fraud? A federal felony? You may have just ‘caught your case’ there, son. And at the top of your post there, you even said it was justifiable for me to contact the authorities.

Fourth sentence, first part: “Willing to lie”? We didn’t lie, all we did was ask Sammy some questions. Sammy, why don’t you point these lies out to me because I’m kinda sorta confused on that point.

Fourth sentence, second part: “Physical cowards that refused to meet you face to face…..” And when did you ever challenge me or JC or Miller to a face to face confrontation? Sammy, please post those emails with headers attached so we can see that the messages were actually sent.
Fact of the matter is, I told Sammy when this shit started that I don’t play that high school shit but if he wanted to come down and talk to me about it, he knows my address. You can read that HERE for yourself. But guess what? Sammy never showed. Do you know why Sammy never showed? Because he’s a hell of a lot more afraid of me than I am of him. True fact. Matter of fact, when we went to court for that restraining order, he asked the bailiff to hold us in the courtroom until him and Nervous Holly made their getaway. Yes, he did. And I’m the coward?

Skip past the part where he calls us punk-ass cunts (sticks and stones may break my bones) and go to the next paragraph where he talks about training a militia ‘colonel’ with no military experience. I find that just absolutely mind boggling because (and JC Dodge will verify this in the comments) when I was on the IIIPS board, Sammy was demanding a monthly paycheck on the same level as an 0-6 which is… you guessed it… a bird colonel in the army. And Sammy has no military experience. Or training. Matter of fact, Sammy ain’t got much of anything besides a shitload of overpriced patches and a keyboard – and soft pink hands.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot – the Air Force trainer Sammy mentioned? He wasn’t involved in our question asking at all. Not even a little bit. Not only that, he emailed me and specifically told me that while he supported us morally, he didn’t want to become involved. I wrote him back and thanked him for his moral support and for being up front with me.

And then he goes on to make his usual empty threats. I mean, has he ever backed up his fucking mouth with the violence he keeps promising? Even once?
You want to prove you’ve got some balls, come knock on my door. Hell, if you really want to get ballsy, try to ambush me on my daily travels. I do a lot of country driving because I hate highway driving, so witnesses shouldn’t be an issue.

By the way, Sammy – Sipsey Street Irregulars has a new sheriff in town and it’s Mike’s son. We’ve been in contact for several months now and I think your life may get a whole hell of a lot more complicated and yes, if he’s in need I have offered him all the help he needs to take your ass down.
You didn’t even consider the fact that sons don’t take kindly to people talking shit about their fathers, did you?

One last thing, Sammy – the word is spelled F-U-C-K, not fcuk. You misspelled it several times. I can’t imagine you spelled it that way to soften up your post for sensitive eyes seeing as you had no problems calling us cunts which is considerably more offensive to sensitive folks that the word fuck.

Now go to work on your IFF protocols after Nervous Holly lets her puppy out of his crate.


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22 Responses to Sammy needs to seriously work on his IFF protocols

  1. PawPaw says:

    I don’t know why you bother with this jazzbo. You beat him fair and square in a court of law, and were vindicated.

    I heard somebody say recently that if you follow a person you dislike, you’re a fan. Life’s too short to be a fan of an asshole. I’m just sayin’.

  2. Winston Smith says:

    Just so you know, Tennessee has a law called something like Mutual Combat where 2 willing adult combatants cannot be charged with a crime, even a misdemeanor, for fistfighting each other. Any weapon (rock, knife, garrote,etc) makes it ag assault, but fists are ok. Get the consents on video before beginning so a little bitch cant recant later.

    Hurry up and GTF outta that shithole.

  3. Yup, he definitely wanted to be “The Kernal”, alright. The “Boy in the Plastic Bubble-Tactical Edition” wants to use mil terms, but doesn’t understand practical application. As far as the “Militia Colonel” is concerned, He might want to be more specific. Considering I’ve only been teaching this stuff as a business for 6 years, but have been teaching it to civilians since ’95, of course I taught it for free at one time. I’ve taught what I know to many groups, and group leaders, so his ambiguity is “less than optimal” to making a point. Considering he is ignorant of basic common sence techniques, his use of milspeak has no basic in reality, and is all about perception. Case in point. He sent me an email a while back asking how he should patrol/recon his IIImountain site. Although I thought it was stupid and showed his lack of common sense, I sent him what he asked for (still have to google earth screenshot). I can see him now. Tigerstripe BDU’s gleaming, blacked out face (ala OSS), garrote in his special belt pouch. Official Chuck Norris Lmissing in action” headband, Tabi split toe shoes, and his “Sacred Randall” (all praise the Randall). In his mouth. Bounding from bush to bush reciting the mantra “Huphuphuphup” with his hands at “11” and “3” ready to take on all comers…….just imagine it…LOL

  4. idahobob says:

    The mental (and physical) midget is becoming more and more deranged as time goes on.

    Again, I wish that he would move out of my state, he is an embarrassment to all of us.


  5. Just a Chemist says:

    Ahhh… scammy’s getting a bit more forward with the threats now huh?


    Yep scammy, I just laughed at you. Gonna threaten me too? Go for it. I’m sure the FBI would love that little tidbit.

  6. Grandpa says:

    …that was worth the wait. Like I said, one of these days we should stop sugar coating it, and just really say what we think… along the lines of “if scammy’s Randall knife took on some of his ‘essence’ – it would turn into blue plastic and smell like tuna”.
    …”fcuking cnut”. Today should be fun. let’s get this started…

  7. Crownman says:

    Thanks for the great entertainment of watching (reading) this effing renobs whole silly world collapse around him! Good fun because he deserves it. Wouldnt it be awesome to out him as the fed handled loser he appears to be. One can only hope.

  8. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    Any way that he can be prosecuted for fraud if he can’t produce the short bus? He did solicit donations online for a communications van that more than likely doesn’t exist.

  9. Roger says:

    Is that like a “Quitter”?
    Maybe he meant ‘Quieter’, since Miller has been relatively silent outside of his blog posts.
    Wonder what he’s waiting for?

  10. John the infidel says:

    He is what’s known in military vernacular as a Delta Bravo. Everybody please send me a 150$ donation and I in return will send you a P-38 can opener marked with the III logo in fingernail polish. Fingernail polish customization is 50$ more. Now get off the porch and get wet at belt buckle distance.

  11. tangotango03 says:

    i saw this at his site. I emailed him and told him I read your court transcripts and read what he said (no backing), the said that even Sparks called what he did a dick move. Sparks is one of the most respected in the movement. That speaks volumes.

  12. John Smith. No, really. My twin brother Joe carries a twin crossdraw rig in combat. He was dropped on his head a lot as a baby. says:

    I shared the ‘Holy Randall of Antioch’ email with some SF Amigos of mine on a closed SF forum. The ‘don’t even cut paper with the blade!’ had them fucking rolling.

    It was good for some serious laughs, probably earned me a few beers/shots/drinks the next time I see any of those guys. I’ll pass some of the free booze forward to Mr. Lane, I will be at Mid-South sometime between now and Christmas and I’ll do my best to drop in on him.

    I pay even wear a fancy pimp hat walking up to the place and yell “STEP OFF YOUR PORCH AND COME GET SOME”. Of course, I’ll have a nice bottle of something bad for us in my hand. ;)

    One of the SF dudes had a great (and disgusting, but he’s an 18D so it figures) suggestion. They get a big dildo, write ‘RANDALL’ on the side, and go ‘bless it in holy ceremonies’ with some of the, ahem, ‘strippers’ (they’re all in nursing school, really…why do you guys hate aspiring nurses?) in and around Fayetteville. He added that such a ‘made to order’ ‘special Randall’ would be a hell of a lot closer to an actual SF dude’s Randall in the field than speshul kay’s poor sheath queen, destined to a life of non-use in the hands of a fucking poser.

    I think if speshul kay ever saw what actual military knives go through in the field, he’d be further mentally scarred for life.

    The whole ‘knife fetish’ and ‘I’m a modern day Samurai and my knife is my blade’ fucktardedness (speshul kay should know that a Samurai was expected to perform 1000 attacks with his Katana and draw 100 arrows from horseback A DAY…kind of hard to do if you don’t want your combat blade cutting PAPER, idiot) sets off all kinds of alarm bells. I think speshul kay may have been in an abusive sexual relationship with Mick Strider (look him up) in the past.

    I’ll credit speshul kay with one thing. He got me thinking about a movie I last saw long ago. ‘The Survivors’, with Robin Williams, Walter Matthau (RIP fellas) and several other great actors. So I just watched it again last night, and it delivered with some laughs (again).

    Anyone thinking of taking speshul kay seriously for even a second needs to watch that movie.

    • Dude, that movie comparison is hilarious (now I need to get my VHS copy out), I did a comparison of him to “General Bethlehem” in The Postman, but the guy in The Survivors is even better. As far as knives in combat go, I carried my Randall in Iraq, and used it for all kinds of shit, BECAUSE IT’S A DAMNED TOOL, not some “blessed from above” ceemonial trinkit. I wonder if he blesses every garrote before it goes out the door, you know, for “real” patriots.

  13. Sanders says:

    I believe pinky-hands handler(s) gave him an ultimatum to provide something soon, or they are cutting him off.

    I swear the dude acts so much like a CI (criminal informant) that it isn’t even funny. I’m sure Kenny has run into them, before, in the circles he used to run in.

  14. Chris says:

    There’s only one cure for stupidity of this magnitude.

  15. Chris says:

    Why bother? Obviously this guy got the living crap beat out of him on the playground every single day as a child. People like this have an alligator mouth and a jaybird ass. Waste of time.

  16. John Smith, as far as local law enforcement and local utilities are concerned. And I've never crossed the Atlantic ocean. says:

    I’m just watching it again right now on the comp. (do I need to re-acquire a life, or what?).

    That real-deal, jaded, BTDT hitman stalking Robin Williams in the woods, hitman packing a .45 he probably won in a poker game 20 years ago and Williams the speshul kay cultist with his AK-47ish iron.

    “You shot my gun!” Fuck what a great, funny, movie.

    And Matthau flipping all the cultists brains, quoting MacArthur. Epic.

    What reminded me of speshul kay the most is the revelation of the contents of the survivalist leaders briefcase. :)

  17. Aw, he left me off his list. :( With the threats and all, I would have thought I’d a been (at least along with the other half of your viewership) on it. But no. I didn’t make it.

    Maybe next time!

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