Ammo sale

Dennis over at Dragon Leatherworks shot me an email today letting me know he’s got a good deal on ammo over at his shop, specifically 223 and 7.62×39.

From him:

223 – I have 30,000 rounds (30 boxes) WOLF Brass Case 55 gr FMJ, selling at $330 a box, shipping will be charged additional for actual shipped costs.

Lucky Gunner has the same shit for 5 bucks more HERE and by the way, we’re talking thousand round cases here.Keep in mind that this is non-corrosive boxer primed and in brass cases for you folks that reload.
Back to Dennis:

Only have two cases of the 7.26×39, boxer primed, steel case. $290 plus
shipping per case.

Standard disclaimers are no shipments to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam. CA and NY must be shipped to valid FFL (not allowed to ship direct). Any other restrictions will apply for other states if we find that it cannot ship there. Buyers should know their own laws and not put my in the
position of losing my FFL for trying to get an illegal shipment into their state.

Let’s keep in mind that Dennis is a strong Patriot and small businessman. We have to support Patriot businesses, especially those in the firearm business.

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