Go ahead and lean on in, son. Nobody will blame you.


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14 Responses to Go ahead and lean on in, son. Nobody will blame you.

  1. Ofay Cat says:

    I’d like to see Ahmed try to rape that babe ….

    • Why on earth would you like to see someone RAPE a woman? I find it outrageous even if you are goofing off. Poor taste.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Us men have a rough sense of humor amongst ourselves and we all sometimes forget that ladies come here too. I mean, my post title is something that I wouldn’t even consider doing.

  2. Cool picture. You do know that isn’t her real height? I found this on DeviantArt under photomanipulation.

    Karlie Kloss on grass
    by lowerrider
    Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Fantasy

    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      Noticed that too. The leg behind her in blue dress is to her scale, the rest are smaller.

  3. JSW says:

    Chuckling, WC- this shot reminds me of my wife– all 6’2″ of her– and me– all 5’9″. Had golden hair to her butt and the loudest, most free laugh ever, made everyone stop and smile. She was simply beautiful to be with. Except when we played basketball (she was a high school star back in her hey-day), and she loved “jungle rules”, knew how to use bony elbows.

  4. aufklarer says:

    Since I am 6’8″ this would be my dream girl. And I will never get to meet her. Motherpusbucket.

  5. Eric says:

    Oh what those legs could do.

  6. Anony,ous says:

    Would hit. Might need a step ladder. but I’d try.

  7. Kerry says:

    I saw a woman in the Doctor’s office one time. She wasn’t photo manipulated. Not half bad looking either. I’m 6′-0″ and would have to stretch up to look her in the eye.

  8. Alexander T. says:

    Like a Chihuahua on a Great Dane. He’s taking an upskirt shot too. Bad boy, bad.

  9. davidc says:

    You know the old saying ! I like ’em so tall …………………… !

  10. davidc says:

    I’d be on my knees, with my head under her skirt !

  11. Leonard Jones says:

    She reminds me B.J. Her name was Beverly Jane (Last name withheld.)
    She was the exact same height as me, at 6′ 2″. Her body was perfectly
    proportioned for her height. She could have been a super model, because
    her only flaw was a gap between her two front teeth, like Lauren Hutton.

    She was a Nurses Aid and I was an orderly at a private sanitarium. And,
    yes we did have to wrestle nuts from time to time. BJ grew up with five
    brothers and was tough as any of the guys. When the shit flew, she was
    nice to have around.

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