So now Sammy’s advocating killing your own children…..


I almost started to comment that this is unbelievable but when you’ve got a eunuch like Sammy in the picture, there can’t be a whole lot of parental instinct there.

That’s one thing about the Kerodins that I do find commendable – the fact that they didn’t breed. Thank God for that. That fucking gene pool is dead.

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12 Responses to So now Sammy’s advocating killing your own children…..

  1. Because whispering to your mutt is the same as raising a child? Obviously Holly has experience with children, because she’s raising one. Good thing society didn’t take the same view of convicts concerning the retroactive abortion thing. Guys like Scammy have no socially redeeming value, and might be “aborted” if some people were asked what to do with him. Personally, he reminds me of that little buzzing gnat that bugs you by buzzing around your head. They can’t bite you (bark but no bite), and are easily crushed if they land on you, but when they are buzzing near your ear, they are extremely loud and distracting. We need to find a “bug juice” that repels the Cryptonevra flavitarsis kerodina. Ah wait, I think the only thing that repels that form of “fly” is manual labor, and fear of being scared and wetting the pants by his “Betters”. His best bet is to always wear a red shirt and brown pants, because one of these days he’ll actually run into someone in person when he’s running his mouth, and he will “eat it”.What was it he said,” My kind tend to die younger than most, and violently.” Well duh, that’s due to what’s called “Darwin moments”, or as I call it, being “Pretarded”. This “murder” recommendation of his is a good reason why he probably was prophetic in his above quote. When speaking of the college aged “socialists” (a joke really, they are generally clueless), I am reminded of a quote attributed to W. Churchill “If a man is not a socialist by the time he is 20, he has no heart. If he is not a conservative by the time he is 40, he has no brain.” The fear of being killed is not a proper motivator for kids to come to the conclusion that socialism is bad, a good example of the alternative is (positive vs negative reinforcement). Mother Nature did not “curse” Scammy with the “Alpha gene” as he thinks. He just calloused his conscience to the point of being able to extort hard earned money from those who earned it. It’s not “Mother Nature” Scammy (you can’t blame it on something else like you do with everything), it’s a choice, and you’ve made the wrong one every time. But guess what Scammy, you still have a CHOICE!

  2. Matt says:

    His whole blog is him fantasizing who he wants to murder when society falls. Still not quite sure how he is planning on funding himself traveling the country settling internet disputes when his cash flow of suckers err, I mean donors, dries up.

  3. Exile1981 says:

    Its obvious he has no children and equally obvious that he should never be allowed around children.

    • But he has children all the time, remember what Holly said in the court record “She and her husband operate a martial arts school for children”. Scary shit, huh?

      • Wirecutter says:

        Extremely scary.
        Now reverse this: Kenny who runs a kiddie dojo/babysitting service posted that and Sammy saw it. What’s the first thing that li’l bitch Sammy would do? Notify the sheriff and make it known to the entire town that their children are being taught by a wannabe killer.

        • Just a Chemist says:

          Perhaps… that little quote needs to be forwarded to the Sheriff in Id. Scammy has quite literally flipped his lid after the little court run-round. Posting crazed things like the above suggest he has going beyond a long con.

      • Matt says:

        Children are the only ones who believe his bullshit YouTube fighting moves will actually do anything. What level does he teach them his tried and true garroting techniques I wonder.

  4. There’s an obvious difference between them and us. We were attacked by him and his wife (especially you by his wife). We have still kept what was said about her to a limit, especially the descriptions, even though there was so much we could have said. Now our women have stayed out of it, but he attacks them with disgusting comments because he thinks that will set off an emotional internet response. Sorry Scammy, I do my best work when I’m stressed or pissed (in this “math problem” I can show my past work), so when you “reap it” via internet or in person, your fate will be on you for not being able to “Show your work” in real time.

  5. James says:

    I avoid the sam posts for most part but using Todds song in article,fuck him.That song is about being a musician from a kid onward,was his calling,and those who do not think that is work try being in a band and dedicated to it!What the song is saying is he does not consider his love of being a musician work,but a life calling him.Todd has worked in his day more in a year then from what I can tell Sam in his whole life.

  6. pigpen51 says:

    Obviously, his parents didn’t believe the same way, or the world may never have gotten to experience the wonderfulness that is Sammy. Of course, I don’t know anything about them, but it is quite possible that they died young, of embarrassment.

  7. Angel says:

    I will admit to understanding why some animals eat their young, and I have reminded mine that I brought them into this world and I can take them out, but I would never raise my hand to them and I will be a serious problem for anyone else who tries it.

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