For those with soft pink hands

.pink hsnds

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7 Responses to For those with soft pink hands

  1. .l.. says:

    Sammy Steamers*

  2. pdwalker says:

    Gonna disagree with you here. I have a similar silicone doohickey and it’s the dogs bollocks for pulling hot stuff our of the oven or microwave.

    But hey, I’m a wimp. I can stand 3rd degree burns.

  3. Guy Stumpman says:

    Looks like it could double as a pocket pussy for ole scammy. I bet he still wouldn’t touch bottom though.

  4. Tennessee Budd says:

    I don’t nuke anything without covering it with a paper plate, to reduce splatter. Pretty easy to bend it around a hot dish if necessary for lifting.

  5. Angeleyes says:

    So, you’re saying that you want an Ove Glove for Christmas?

  6. parrotile says:

    Jencons Scientific (Glassblowing) did these decades ago for Glassblowers. Very useful when removing odd-shaped glassware post-annealing oven . . . .

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