35 miles an hour, son.


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  1. rayvet says:

    City slickers have got to be the stupidest fucking species on the planet.

  2. DeNihilist says:

    Yup, can run down a thorough bred. Can he?

  3. Chris says:

    Looks like he want to be bear poop.

  4. RedGrognard says:

    I’m not saying we have to kill all the idiots.
    Just remove all the warning signs and let Darwin take his course.

    last time I was that close to a bear, I had the autoloader 12ga. ready and still felt naked.

    We each went our separate ways: he was after the deer carcass I left behind.

    • favill says:

      The last time I was that close to a bear, it was a polar bear and I had just put six .303 rounds into it fired from a WW2 vintage Lee-Enfield rifle in a place called Arviat NWT. It took six man-killing rounds to kill that motherfµcker…actually it merely rolled over on its side. Then the Inuit I was with ran up to it from different points of the compass and each one put another round into its belly and ran away. I asked the old guide why they did that and he told me that polar bears sometimes played dead so it could kill its attackers when they got close enough. I reloaded.

  5. Rob says:

    Darwin in action.

    Soon to be one fewer Bernie voter…

  6. Jason says:

    I know I probably shouldn’t share this with you guys because almost all of you will label me as crazy and stupid (honestly I would agree with you for it). Here is a link to a picture of my fishing trip in Alaska (that is not me but one of the guys in the group).


    Full disclosure, the picture is semi staged in that his line just broke and he took three steps backwards so that we could get a picture of the bear and him together but we really did fish this close (and closer to the bears). This one was just a cub, although he stood over 6 foot when on two feet, with a twin in that area.

    The year before this picture, a guy was walking to the river to fish and ran across these two cubs and their mother. The mother did as mother bears do and charged the guy before he could get away and so he had to shoot her. She died in the wooded area behind the river and the cubs hung around for a few years until they were big enough to venture on their own.

    Now these two bears were still afraid of people and the park rangers kept that reinforced by shooting them with rubber bullets when they ventured too close, if that is wise or not I do not know but it seemed to work. It worked so well that if you took a few steps that they would take off running. In fact, the only two times I was nervous around the bears there was when the black bear showed up and when the two cubs were wrestling. Other than that, they were content on eating our discarded carcasses and scrounging. The bears on the other side of the river were the full grown brown bears. When they came down to the river everyone on that side of the bank got on the ferry and they pushed off into the middle of the river. Even they were not in a hurry to get to anyone, as long as you walked away and left your fish you’d be left alone.

    Well, that is enough of making myself look like an idiot in strangers eyes. I’ll save the other stories for another time.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’ve seen many pictures of folks fishing close to bears in Alaska. Whole different scenario there – the bears are much more interested in getting their natural foods that are full of fat and oils that they need to make it through the winter than they are a scrawny human.
      Also, the humans are keeping a close eye on them and more likely than not, they’re armed.

  7. Tom W. says:

    He wasn’t even Timothy Treadwell worthy.
    Darwin should have applied to this pajama boy.
    As you recall, Bear Advocate and naturalist Timmy T’s last video was him camping in Alaska along a river with Kodiak Grizzly’s in the background. He preached his “bond” with da Bears and he found it.
    Main Course Style. Little bit of flannel and part of a boot was found.

  8. Boots says:

    10 years ago my dream was to build a log cabin on remote Alaska land. AK sells remote parcels by sealed bid and over the counter (OTC) sales. Google “Remote Alaska OTC Land Sales”. I studied all I could about building an off grid log cabin and living in it. Complete with canning meat, fish, and veggies. Preserving caribou, moose, etc. Downloaded the series “Building The Alaskan Cabin” from University of Alaska at Fairbanks (UAF). Several chapters on rigging from the U.S. Army field rigging guide were exceptional.

    I figured – like everyone else does – I’d carry a .454 Casul or .475 Linebaugh revolver or a 12 gauge with hard cast slugs (deeper penetration) for bear protection. Use a portable electric bear fence around my wall tent while I was building the cabin. “I’ll be alright”, I told myself.

    I got scared reading the book in my own living room. Every attack took place in AK. Naturally, I read the whole damned book. Then tried to forget it. But I couldn’t. A simple two night solo on the Appalacian Trail had me awake almost all night both nights. Every sound brought out the S&W .44 mag and an 800 lumen flashlight.

    For various reasons I never made it to AK.

    I recently revived the idea. Then I saw this. The idea is on hold, indefinately. Or permanently.

    Mild by comparison:

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