Big Brown delivers


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6 Responses to Big Brown delivers

  1. Zot says:

    I would pick it up and deliver it. and ask for a tip.

  2. Exile1981 says:

    A decade back I bought some plastic bins surpluss from Canada post. They were letter sorting bins, got them home and found letters in a few of them still. Oops

  3. bikermailman says:

    As a competitor, I have to laugh. As someone who delivers stuff for a living, “there, but for the Grace of G-d go I”.

  4. Nemo says:

    I once saw a UPS truck, making pickups at the end of the day at a neighboring company, lose a box out of the back of his truck and run it over. Same scenario, back doors open while moving his truck to the next pickup.

  5. Mals says:

    Why can’t they ring the doorbell when delivering a package? Not just UPS, but all of them. When I bitched about this to UPS, they said it was at the driver’s discretion. What bullshit. I would really like an answer to this question.

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