Choosing Your Survivalist Weapons Battery

As a kid, I had a serious addiction to anything “Weapon”. When it came to weapons, I was most enamored with firearms of every caliber, shape, and purpose. I bought the book “Small Arms Of The World” at 12 years of age, and the rest is as they say, history. I have been involved in the firearms world since I was about 6 years old, but I started serious study when I was about 11 (the reason behind purchasing the book). I have read a number of well known and obscure books on the topic of firearms, but the majority of those books was geared towards firearms for defense and survival/hunting.

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3 Responses to Choosing Your Survivalist Weapons Battery

  1. Robert Evans says:

    I see that he picks one of my favorite long guns, the Savage 24 series combo rifle/shotgun. He likes the 24V, but I always admired the smaller 24C, which had a .22LR barrel on top of a 20-gauge shotgun barrel, was carbine-length, and had a storage area for ammunition in the buttstock. I’d be inclined to say that the 24C would be as good a choice for small-to-medium game as you could pick…if you could only pick *one gun.* One ONLY.

  2. I picked that one because I needed it to hunt everything in my area legally. I agree, the 24C is a great little rifle, and with cartridge adapters, would cover everything you need. Plus, since the Russians were going to invade, I needed something that used our military rifle cartridge. Ah, to be 14 again, LOL

  3. czechsix says:

    I’ll post a comment over on his blog, but one thing that’s first thing, and before doing the “ultimate” (or whatever) survival battery: define your AO.

    Once you have that in hand, then choose your tools.

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