Names when commenting

Folks, when you comment there’s a place on the form that requests your name. Please do not use your full name there – use an alias, comment as anon, use just your first name or your first name and the initial of your last name.
The reason I’m asking you to do this is pretty innocent – employers are increasingly using the internet to check prospective applicants and I’d hate for somebody to lose a chance at a job because they commented here – or even worse, lose a chance at a job because somebody else with the same name made a comment.

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  1. Devil Tongue says:

    Typical Wirecutter, always thinking of others. You are a rare breed, sir.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Nah, a gentleman emailed me this morning and said his name was on a comment, he knew it was from a different person with the same name but a prospective employer wouldn’t and asked if it would be possible to alter the commenter’s name?
      It was from a one time commenter so it was no problem. But what if it’s from somebody that frequently comments?
      It’s just easier for everybody this way – I ain’t being nice, I’m being practical.

  2. What a load of fucking bullshit! Any employer who bases hiring a person over something found on a page like Wirecutter’s should be kicked in the balls and\or vaj.

    Mark Zuckerberg.

  3. James says:

    OK,I get your point that some folks might need to work for intrusive/progressive lib/govt. nutcase asshole bosses,you do what you have to to work and feed your family.That said,I work /sub for any one who has a issue with me freedom of speech,well,fuck em!With that,unfortunately others may get caught up if they have same name,insanity I say!This is a world heading off the tracks big time and folks worry about comments on blogs!Thus,will just sign James,to be not confused with others will state my favourite cat(RIP)was named Warchild Tsunami,that should make it pretty clear among all named James who I am and thus no mistakes!

  4. Sam Kerodin says:

    Or you could use the name of a known asshole.

  5. Frederick van der Walloonsky Klement Smyth-George, IV says:

    Good idea. Yes, background checking firms are very savvy about social media.

  6. D S Craft says:

    HA! I’m recently retired so I.don’t.give a shit. No more jumping through hoops for assholes. Oh, how sweet the sound of that is.

  7. Wiliam Jeferson Clinton says:

    Geez-O-Pete! I thought that was obvious! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE should have an alias if for no other reason than to fuck with the NSA.
    Wiliam Jeferson Clinton

  8. Angeleyes says:

    No problem,
    John Doe.

  9. Hillary Rodham Clinton says:

    sure thing Wirecutter

  10. Alexander says:

    I don’t need a job but if i did, “no Knucledraggin allowed” would be a deal breaker.

  11. Mark says:

    I’m Disabled/Medically Retired, I doubt I’ll ever be able to actually work an actual job after breaking my back in ’04.

    If someone doesn’t like what I write, that’s on them. I write what I write and own up to it.

  12. .l.. says:

    For all your anon needs:
    You’re welcome ;)

  13. Angel says:

    There is only one Angel.

  14. Christian Allen Sam Courtland Hymen Girljeans Kerodin says:

    Boy, that’s for sure! Stuff you write on the web can come back and bite you on your small, peanut like, fallum-bwey bwey… really hard… not gentle like NyteOrchid does when teaching me to heel, or beg. I’m just saying…

  15. Ben Derhover says:

    Isn’t there a script that gives everyone the same name, perhaps just choose male or insane to specify gender?

  16. Betty Blowsandfucks says:

    I agree! Even though retired I have to be careful not to use my full name.

  17. Inbred Redneck says:

    It ain’t as though it’d be all that hard to find out who Inbred Redneck is. Since I own/moderate a couple of bike forums, I know that ’cause I was sittin’ on the dock at lunch time one day where I work in the northern part of the state when a bike pulled into the parkin’ lot and up walked a guy I only knew online. He’d come all the way up from Sandy Eggo and found me. When we discussed it in one group a few days later, we came to the conclusion that with bikers, talkin’ bikes and rides at like fisherman, in that first liar doesn’t stand a chance.
    I’m 68 yo with over 32 years in where I work. Ask me if I care about ’em findin’ what I post and where I post it.

    Rob J

  18. Sanders says:

    WordPress throws my name up there, automatically.

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