One more drink and she’s mine


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7 Responses to One more drink and she’s mine

  1. Wyowanderer says:

    One mor drink, and she’s anybody’s…

  2. Gnome Sane says:

    Getting shit-faced is so much fun! Woo-hoo!!!

  3. KirK says:

    Why would you need another drink ?

    • kennymac says:

      Thank’s for the laugh. but really, she doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere soon.

  4. Angeleyes says:

    I’ll take her as is, guys.

  5. Elmo says:

    It might be a medical emergency.
    Quick. Give her mouth to mouth.

  6. partyzantski says:

    That person needs to find new friends. FAST!

    Being that intoxicated is a medical emergency. Please, in such cases, call 911 and try to keep the person from getting injured, raped, abducted or killed until 911 arrives. People who leave people in this state are truly problematic.

    I know 1 guy who left a young woman in that state, it was so bad her heart stopped in the ER. She survived. As things go more tribal in America (FUSA), these folks will see corrective inputs applied.

    In sum, Men take care of Women & Girls. MEN do NOT let this happen. Men take care of one another and their tribe. If you do not, you and yours will not survive.

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