Taking no shit whatsoever from the federales

For most people, finding a SWAT team on the front porch is a nightmarish scenario that’s more likely to produce swift compliance, rather than resistance. But last week a man from Odessa Texas (who wishes to remain anonymous) was rudely awakened by that very situation, and he did what most people only wish they had the guts to do.
-Sent in by Irish

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8 Responses to Taking no shit whatsoever from the federales

  1. Allen says:

    More people need to be like him.

  2. pdwalker says:

    Key comment: “awesome, and they didn’t kill him either”

  3. Whynot says:

    While working for a southern sheriff’s office in the 90s, ATF asked for our help on a warrant……our team leader wanted to do our own Intel but we were ‘pushed’ to forego our Intel and use ATFs…….we hit the wrong house, luckily no one was home and our sheriff told ATF that we would NEVER assist again without doing our own Intel…..to the point deputies were told if ANY ATF agent was stopped, to document well because charges were being filed………it was the ONLY time in 5 years I remember hitting a wrong address……we never did work with ATF again….

  4. Woofman says:

    If we had more like that we would have been our own country a long time ago!

  5. czechsix says:

    Just a note that if you do it, make sure you either stream it live, or upload automatically to a cloud server….don’t keep the video on the physical phone memory.

    Good on that guy, fuck those feds.

  6. CC says:

    Just watched this (insomnia theater this AM) it’s worth a look:

  7. Barrett says:

    Guy has some big brass ones.

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